Cast talks “Last Tango in Halifax” Season 5

The Hobbledehoy look forward to watching the 5th season of one of our favorites from Brit TV – Last Tango in Halifax.

As Series 5 launches, cast members Anne Reid, Derek Jacobi, Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker, and writer Sally Wainwright, describe how BAFTA award winning Last Tango in Halifax reflects family life so well.


The Accident review – echoes of Grenfell in devastating disaster drama

Sarah Lancashire stars in Jack Thorne’s sweeping, harrowing look at how the aftershock of a disaster ripples out into people’s lives

Apart from the explosion, The Accident (Channel 4) is very quiet. Hairdresser Polly (Sarah Lancashire) doesn’t even shout when she finds her 15-year-old daughter Leona’s latest one-night stand still in her bedroom. She just flings his clothes at him, notes that Leona (Jade Croot) is underage and that he looks 28, and makes him jump out of the window. Then she takes herself off to the local charity run with her friends. They are walking, Polly’s best friend, Angela (Joanna Scanlan), says firmly.

So begins the new four-part drama by Jack Thorne, the unassailable powerhouse behind the likes of This is England, Skins, Kiri (in which Lancashire also starred) and the forthcoming adaptation of Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy, His Dark Materials. […] Continue reading

‘Last Tango in Halifax’ preview: New pics and story hints for fifth season 

The first photos have been released from the new season of Last Tango in Halifax. Created by Gentleman Jack writer

The first photos have been released from the new season of Last Tango in Halifax.

Created by Gentleman Jack writer Sally Wainwright, the BBC’s family comedy-drama series first aired seven years ago.

Last Tango tells the story of former childhood sweethearts Alan and Celia (Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid), who reunite in their seventies.

Four brand new hour-long episodes recently began filming in England, with all the main cast returning to reprise their roles, alongside Timothy West as Alan’s brother Ted.

The official story synopsis for Season 5 reads: “Alan (Derek Jacobi) and Celia (Anne Reid) are now seven years into their marriage but, having moved into a desirable bungalow with stunning views across the Calder Valley, they aren’t quite seeing eye to eye.

“It isn’t just their differing politics that’s a source of tension; Alan’s new supermarket job brings an unexpected challenge in the form of a wild local lad, and at Far Slack Farm, Gillian (Nicola Walker) faces trouble with a giraffe.

“Meanwhile John (Tony Gardner) is back on the scene, and Caroline (Sarah Lancashire) finds herself entangled in an emotional debacle with someone at work.

“Into all of this jets Alan’s brother Ted (Timothy West) on holiday from New Zealand. But it turns out he’s only bought a one-way ticket… and he hasn’t come alone.”

The show’s creator and writer Sally Wainwright commented: “Yet again the entire Last Tango cast has proved to be so wonderful together, so uplifting, heart-warming, touching and funny, as they explore Celia and Alan’s relationship further, under the brilliant breath of fresh air that Gareth Bryn’s direction has given them.”

The new season of Last Tango will air early next year on BBC One in the UK.

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First look at Sarah Lancashire in new Jack Thorne drama Kiri

Channel 4 thriller sees the Happy Valley star join forces with the writer behind National Treasure and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Here is the first look at Kiri – the latest drama from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child writer Jack Thorne and starring Sarah Lancashire.

The Happy Valley star plays Miriam, an experienced social worker who is caught up in a police investigation when a young girl named Kiri goes missing on a supervised visit.

Kiri will also star Luther’s Lucian Msamati as Kiri’s grandfather, who will find his race and dysfunctional family relationships put under the microscope during the show. Lia Williams (The Crown) plays Kiri’s foster mum [ . . . ]

Source: First look at Sarah Lancashire in new Jack Thorne drama Kiri

The Guardian: Best TV shows of the year

A lot of you were really, really surprised this didn’t come in higher than no 4 in our list, so good news: it’s at the top of yours. Sarah Lancashire “deserves every award going” for her performance as Sgt Catherine Cawood. Gritty, realistic and believable, Sally Wainwright’s Happy Valley is a crime drama done right.

December 2016 8:15amBrilliant series. Those responsible for the cliched mush that makes up just about every other crime/murder drama on British TV should look at how to construct plot out of characters (rather than the other way round – yes, I’m looking at you, The Missing), sidestep cliches, put the comic and the painful together, and portray people who actually seem to have had relationships with each other before the cameras rolled. I’m wondering what three programmes you have ranked above it.

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