The Woman In Black: why did Britain’s scariest horror film disappear?

Herbert Wise’s 1989 TV gem wowed critics, inspired Oscar-winners and ruined Christmas for a generation. Then it was never seen again … until now

“I saw it when it was first shown,” says the film critic Kim Newman. “Christmas Eve with my mum and dad. We all just wanted to watch a spooky ghost story. But there were after-effects, a mood that carried on after the film ended. You wake up next morning, Christmas Day, you’re still scared …”

“That” scene from The Woman In Black

He laughs darkly. “The Woman in Black ruined Christmas.”

Few horror films have acquired the cult reputation of Herbert Wise’s TV production of The Woman in Black. Adapted by visionary British sci-fi screenwriter Nigel Kneale from Susan Hill’s 1983 novella,

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Brit Bizspeak: The 50 most irritating office jargon terms

A study conducted by has revealed that using clichés and jargon like ‘results driven’ or ‘low hanging fruit’ will drive your co-workers into a frenzy of irritation.

A study conducted by also revealed that clichéd remarks like ‘results driven’ and ‘low hanging fruit’ drive workers into a frenzy of irritation. 

However, one staff member who took part in the survey admitted they just can’t help dropping hackneyed phrases into conversation despite ‘loathing’ it themselves.

Often the amount of irritating jargon I use goes up during important presentations and meetings,’ they confessed. 

‘As soon as my mouth opens I just can’t seem to hold back on clichéd phrases, and I always find myself thinking about how much of an idiot I must sound.’


1. Blue-sky thinking

2. Idea shower

3. To ‘action’ a project

4. Going forward

5. Brainstorm

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