Mark Kermode on Chrsirain Bale’s “Vice”

Christian Bale in “Vice”

If Russell Brand wants to change the world, he could try changing a nappy

Brand’s path to divinity does not involve childcare, which he says he leaves to his wife. But a true revolutionary would look closer to home

OPINION by Suzanne Moore:

am way too woke to be part of the backlash against Russell Brand, which was sparked by an interview this weekend in which he talked about fatherhood. I’m so woke I was part of the frontlash. But you don’t really want to cross a man whose revolutionary consciousness involves legal letters – so all I can say is well done Swami Russ for reproducing – and reaching a higher state of evolution than I imagined possible. Continue reading

How ‘The Remains of the Day’ Helped Me Understand Brexit and Trump

Hidden within Nobel winner Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel is a powerful critique of neoliberalism

t the end of Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the DayStevens, the former butler whose reminiscences constitute the entire plot of the novel, wonders what kind of dignity is to be salvaged from his life.

Stevens is an indelible narrator because he is in the business of convincing himself, over and over again, that his life has significance, that he is a consummate professional, a loyal butler, one of great standing. Underneath the voice lies the tremulous undercurrent of his shattered self: feelings of shame, heartbreak, worthlessness. Continue reading

Celtic Connections fears for future of Scottish music being ‘shut out’ of Europe after Brexit

MUSICIANS could be ‘shut out’ of European culture in the wake of Brexit, the leader of one of Scotland’s biggest festivals fears.

Donald Shaw, the musician and creative producer of CelticConnections, the roots, folk and traditional music festival which opens in venues across Glasgow today, said he fears that Scottish musicians will find it much harder to play in Europe after the UK severs the cord with the EU. Continue reading