Edinburgh festivals: Mackintosh art school ‘should not be rebuilt by pedantic architects’ 

Computers should take charge of the rebuilding of Glasgow School of Art rather than pedantic architects, according to the biographer of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Roger Billcliffe, an art historian, said that the fire which destroyed the art school in June “won’t be the end of the world”, even if the charred hulk of the building had to be demolished.The blaze was the second at the site in four years. It led to a computer survey of the building, which in turn could help restore it to its original glory, Mr Billcliffe told the Edinburgh International Book Festival.“The computer will make the drawings to make the building again,” he said. “It may be a good thing that the computer is doing it — it won’t [ . . . ]

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SAY Award 2018 Shows Support for Folk Music

Earlier this month I received a press release containing the nominations for a well-established UK-based Independent Music Awards which claimed to span the full spectrum of genres. Disappointingly, although the list of names was impressive there was a distinct absence of folk music.Then, along came the Scottish Album of the Year Award Longlist…a completely different story…With previous Longlist titles featuring hip-hop, rock, alternative, traditional, folk, classical, dubstep, reggae, pop and jazz, The SAY Award accommodates Scottish music in all its influential, inspiring and idiosyncratic glory. From mainstream platinum sellers to self-released left-field outriders, The SAY Award illuminates Scotland’s music scene with the ambition, credibility and commitment it so richly deserves.

The longlist includes 20 albums of which nearly a quarter are by artists that were covered here on Folk Radio. A sign that folk music is not only thriving well in Scotland but that Scottish Music Industry Association which produces the award is actively supporting the scene – how it should be. It’s a shame other similar awards can’t follow suit and broaden their music coverage.

The SAY Award is now in its seventh year and is Scotland’s most popular and prestigious music prize. The winning artist will pick up a £20,000 prize – provided by long-term Award partner Creative Scotland – with the nine runners-up each receiving £1,000.

Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy — A Pocket of Wind Resistance (Hudson Records)

A previous Artist of the Month (Review | Interview). “A Pocket Of Wind Resistance isn’t so much a collection of songs, it’s theatre for the ears, but it surpasses radio drama. All the tension, the joy, the craft that’s part of the immersive experience of going to the theatre is achieved without the visual elements. Karine Polwart‘s music and poetry, with Pippa Murphy‘s exquisite settings, haven’t replicated the theatre production; it has brought Wind Resistance to a wider [ . . . ]

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The tea rooms that brought Mackintosh back to life 

The week before the fire that destroyed his Glasgow School of Art, the 150th anniversary of the designer’s birth was celebrated with a preview of the £10m restoration of the Willow Tea Rooms.While the art school was seen by experts as the finest achievement of Glasgow’s best-known and visionary architect, many of the public will view the tea rooms as the place that defined the Mackintosh style.

The original 1903 Willow Tea Rooms were designed in their entirety by Mackintosh and he had total control inside and out.

He remodelled the exterior of the 1860s tenement block and oversaw the interior decorative elements, right down to the design of the cutlery and the uniform of the waitresses.

However, Glasgow was largely indifferent to the genius in its midst and it was businesswoman Kate Cranston, the tea room queen, who received the plaudits.

[ . . . ]

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh interiors from Hill House go on display in Glasgow

It has been an upsetting few months for the many fans of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his unique art nouveau style.The Edwardian building at Glasgow School of Art, widely considered to be the architect’s masterpiece, was reduced to little more than its exterior walls following a devastating fire on the evening of June 15 [ . . . ]

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