Brian Ferguson: Trad scene is booming, but can anyone replace Runrig?

Trad scene favourites Manran. Can they fill Runrig’s footsteps?

The Elephant Sessions, Tide Lines, Skipinnish and Manran are part of a new wave of bands from the Highlands and Islands filling venues up and down the country

Not so long ago it was a case of feast or famine for many of Scotland’s musicians. The summer and winter festivals were still a time for hectic schedules, long journeys and playing to packed crowds in concert venues, village halls and tents across the UK. For those who associate themselves with the ‘trad’ scene, Celtic Connections was a rare chance to take to a much bigger stage than they were used to, and win new fans perhaps unfamiliar with their music [ . . . ]

Source: Brian Ferguson: Trad scene is booming, but can anyone replace Runrig?


The Bookshop Band “Room for Three”


In May last year we got a phone call from a publisher asking us if we’d be interested in writing a couple of songs for the launch of Philip Pullman’s trilogy The Book Of Dust, set in Lyra’s Oxford. Now, we rarely take commissions directly from publishers – preferring to keep the books that inspire our songs as a curated list from Mr B’s Emporium.  Having a curated list from an amazing bookshop who choose books they love means we get an amazing unbiased book.  | Read More