This Is the Kit “Stuck in a Room”

The Hobbledehoy are stoked that we will be seeing Kate Stables and This Is the Kit in Boston later this Fall. Meanwhile, Kate just released this sweet little tune via YouTube.

Kate Stables “A Take Away Show”

Shot in Les Grands Voisins, Paris | July 2020

Featuring The Fantasy Orchestra : 

Kate Stables, Albin de La Simone, Anne Gouverneur, Emma Broughton, Lehna, Faten Asselin-Mehzoud, Camille Saint-Marany, Jesse Vernon, Francesca Gozzolino, Bertrand Vaxelaire, Yohav Oremiatzki, Thomas Bartlett, Louise Thiolon, Elise Peroi, Laura Etchegoyen, Elisa Prete, Stanislas De Lussac, Céline Duong, Ursule Adomat, Christopher Winwood, Marion Leloutre, Tania Taheni, Soizic Tanio, Catherine Sabali, Clémentine March, Olivier Larique, Pierre Legay, Abby Tsype, Loic Seite, Karine Berthereau, Rebeka Hassoun

The best thing today: “This is the Kit” live at Philippe le Libraire

The Hobbledehoy’s Best Thing Today is this small concert by Kate Stables of This Is the Kit. Last saw Kate in a tiny pub in Boston and would so love to see her at Phillipe’s comic book shop in Paris. Bien sur!

Back in the release week of off off on, we recorded a virtual record shop show case for our friends at Resident in Brighton. We filmed it in our friend Philippe’s comic book shop here in Paris. It’s just down the road from where we live and a total gem of a shop. And as this week marks the shop’s 14th anniversary, we thought it’d be nice to this video online for all to get a glimpse. A showcase for one of our favourite record shops filmed in one of our favourite bookshops.

Kate Stables | This Is the Kit