Memories of Warrington’s Minor Bird Folk-Song Club with Norman & Jack Froggatt

By Andy Green

The Froggatt Twins, now aged 88, share more memories of the Minor Bird Folk-Song Club. This time Jack and Norman focus on the many musicians who played at the legendary Warrington folk club from influential greats such as Ewan MacColl, Nic Jones and Alex Campbell to local ‘floor singers’ such as Dave Speight, Dave Clare and Graham Sowerby who cut their teeth at the club and have kept on performing. Interview recorded live in Radio Warrington’s studios on Thursday 3rd November 2022.

Hear this sweet cover of Nic Jones “Annan Water”

Ben Filmer-Sankey on lead vocals and guitar.

Irene Carter on backing vocals and harmonium.


Oh Annan Waters wondrous deep,

And my love Annie’s wondrous bonny.

I’m loathe that she should wet her feet,

because I love her best of any.

Go saddle for me the bonny grey mare.

Go saddle her soon and make her ready.

For I must cross that stream tonight,

Or never more I’ll see my lady.

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