Walking with Storm in Glasgow

Who knew that finding and walking with a Storm was so much fun. She stands at 10 meters tall and weighs around 1 tonne, this fine girl was the kick off entertainment to the music festival – Celtic Connections. For Scotland this is the year of Coasts and Water and this old girl was made from items recycled from the beaches and Scotland’s coastline. The team involved took 2 years to make her I couldn’t wait to go and see her on my doorstep. I wasn’t disappointed at all in fact I thinking about our environment and the beauty Scotland has in its coastlines and water it really is so important that we all do our bit for climate change and protect these wonderful place. At ten metres tall, her eyes are the colour of oyster shells, her hair thick strands of kelp, her voice the chorus of the waves. Aided by eight puppeteers, Storm will visit the heart of towns and villages across the country, gazing down at the beauty of our coastlines, urging care for the environment every step of the way. – Scotts Land

Giant walks through Glasgow

New Charles Rennie Mackintosh statue gets Glasgow cone treatment – 

A statue of Charles Rennie Mackintosh has had a cone placed on its head – just 10 days after it was unveiled.It was uncovered in the city’s Anderston area to mark the 90th anniversary of the designer’s death.The addition of a cone is in keeping with local tradition, which sees the Duke of Wellington statue in the city’s Royal Exchange Square wear one.Some locals say the cone demonstrates Glaswegians’ sense of humour and is as important as famous landmarks.In 2013, Glasgow City Council tried to end the practice, but abandoned their plans after a public backlash [ . . . ]

Source: New Charles Rennie Mackintosh statue gets Glasgow cone treatment – BBC News