Listen: Pippa Blundell “Sisters”

Pippa Blundell

Who or what inspires your music making?
I’m hugely inspired by my friends and the creative community I’m surrounded by here in Glasgow. I’m constantly consuming live music and art, from intimate flat gigs to sweaty raves. It’s a huge part of this city’s culture, and it’s almost impossible to avoid! There are so many nights run by local organisations doing cool things such as Flos Collective, Anam Collective, LayLow and Glitch 41 to name a few. Watching people express themselves through music will always be a huge source of inspiration for me.

Tell us a bit about what your currently working on?
I’ve been a soloist so far in my musical career, but I’ve recently started collaborating with a group of incredible musicians as a band. They are all friends I’ve met through jams and gigs and they each have a very distinctive style and way of playing that I really admire. When we all gather the sound is a melting pot of pure magic, it’s really exciting! We’re preparing for our first gig together at The Rum Shack on 2 November, where I’ll be sharing my recently released [Sisters] EP and loads of new tunes with the band. I’m buzzing!

What does 2024 look like for you, and what will you do if you win the award?
In 2024 I want to keep growing and developing my sound, dive deeper into the experience with my band… and hopefully record an album! It’s getting more and more difficult to keep creating and making art with the cost of living being so high and cuts constantly being made to funding bodies that so many artists depend upon for their careers. Winning this award would make all these difficulties feel a bit less difficult! However, I am so grateful for even just this recognition. It’s a huge confidence boost to keep going even when it feels like it’s too tough. I’m wishing all the finalists good luck; I know whoever wins the award will make some truly beautiful art.

Source: The Skinny

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