Karine Polwart “Lark in the Clear Air”

Filmed by Sandy Butler during the making of Karine Polwart & Pippa Murphy’s ‘A Pocket of Wind Resistance’, this is a live recording at Castlesound Studios, engineered by Stuart Hamilton, of ‘Lark in the Clear Air’.


‘If We Don’t Understand Class Struggle, We Don’t Understand Anything’

Filmmaker Ken Loach on populism, the gig economy, and the importance of transnational solidarity in his movies and beyond.

The British film director Ken Loach is one of the most celebrated cinematic voices of our time. A deeply engaged artist and one of a handful of directors to have been awarded the prestigious Palme d’Or twice, Loach’s work often takes up social and political themes. His oeuvre has spanned the Spanish civil war (Land and Freedom), the Los Angeles janitors’ strike (Bread and Roses), the occupation of Iraq (Route Irish), the Irish war of independence (The Wind That Shakes the Barley), and the coercive side of the welfare state (I, Daniel Blake). While the so-called “populist revolt” has triggered much debate on the role of economic inequalities and social exclusion, Ken Loach has been one of the greatest narrators of working-class consciousness and its transformations under neoliberalism.

In this conversation with Italian writer and political activist Lorenzo Marsili, Loach looks at the role of art in moments of political transformation, the evolution of the working class, the meaning of class struggle today, and the left’s failure to inspire radical change.

The interview was recorded during the shooting of DEMOS, a forthcoming documentary in which Lorenzo Marsili travels across Europe investigating transnational solidarity 10 years after the financial crisis [ . . . ]

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Listen to “Annika Stranded, Series 4, Beginnings”

By Nick Walker. Annika investigates the death of Tor’s class teacher.

Eight new cases to challenge the detective wit of Annika Strandhed, queen of the Oslo Police boat patrol.

Since we last met her, Annika has been promoted to Chief Inspector. Her first act was – apart from choosing a new speedboat – to co-opt Mikel, her forensic photographer of choice, to accompany her. Her son Tor is about to start school.

Being Chief Inspector means a bigger case-load. What follows will test her physically and emotionally as never before.

Episode 1: Beginnings
On Tor’s first day at school, Annika has to investigate the death of his class teacher.

Nick Walker is the author of two critically-acclaimed novels, Blackbox and Helloland. His plays and short stories have often featured on BBC Radio 4, including the First King of Mars stories (2007 – 2010) and the plays Life Coach (2010) and Stormchasers (2012). The previous series of Annika Stranded were broadcast in 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Writer: Nick Walker
Reader: Nicola Walker
Sound Design: Jon Calver
Producer: Jeremy Osborne

A Sweet Talk production for BBC Radio 4.

Listen at: BBC Radio 4 – Annika Stranded, Series 4, Beginnings

Ray Davies: The Kinks are officially getting back together

One of pop’s longest-running feuds appears to be over: on Monday, Ray Davies, frontman of The Kinks, revealed that the band would be reuniting for the first time in more than 20 years.

Davies, 74, told Channel 4 that he had been working in the studio with his brother Dave Davies and band mate Mick Avory, which had led to a resolution between the two warring members. Davies said that the group were “making a new Kinks album.”

“The trouble is, the two remaining members – my brother Dave and Mick – never got along very well. But I’ve made that work in the studio and it’s fired me up to make them play harder, and with fire,” Davies said, adding that he hoped to “recapture those moments.”

Davies received a phone call from Avory during the interview, which he finished by telling the drummer he would “see [him] in the pub later”. [ . . . ]

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