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Family Flavours in Mike Leigh’s ‘Life is Sweet’ 

Mike Leigh's Life Is Sweet
Mike Leigh’s Life Is Sweet

Children are seldom seen in the cinema of Mike Leigh. This absence is doubtless due to the strictures of the director’s character- and story-building methods, which might make the participation of child actors in Leighland rather problematic. In fact, the only notable child protagonist in Leigh’s cinema is Charlie (Charlie Difford), Poppy’s student in Happy-Go-Lucky (2008), and even here the boy’s problems are merely used as a plot device to bring together the heroine and a social worker love interest. Though the issue is sometimes thematised in Leigh’s portraits of couples who are unable to conceive, the absence of children can seem a significant blind spot in films that clearly aspire to the presentation of full, detailed, realistically depicted social worlds.

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Weatherman Michael Fish ‘proud’ of legendary gaffe on 30th anniversary of Great Storm 


Weatherman Michael Fish, who in 1987 failed to predict one of the UK’s most catastrophic cyclones, has said he would love to have a storm named after him. The retired BBC forecaster famously told viewers not to worry hours before one of Britain’s worst weather events in living memory, which left 18 people dead and caused around £1 billion of damage.

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