Incredible String Band “Darling Belle”

“I wrote Darling Belle very quickly. I was lying in a hotel room in Rotterdam just before I fell asleep, and I began to hear these voices outside my head, and they were telling the story of Belle and James. Two voices, a man and a woman, and of what they said I jotted down fragments and the following morning I wrote parts of the song. About four months later I wrote the rest.”

Robin Williamson ISB

Happy Birthday October 5th Bridget St. John and remembering the great Bert Jansch

October 5th is the birthday of one of our favorite folk performers of early ’70s Bridget St. John. The English singer-songwriter and guitarist is best known for the three albums she recorded between 1969 and 1972 for John Peel’s Dandelion record label. Here’s a great video from a legendary performance on French TV.

Happy Birthday Bridget!

Also, 10 years ago today the wonderful Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch (The Pentangle) passed away. Bert’s music inspired the creation of The Hobbledehoy blog which attempts to promote ongoing respect for British folk music. Forever thanks for the music Bert!