Did MSNBC purposely silence Sen. Liz Warren’s questioning on Covid vaccine profiteering?

There was a very odd cut-away from Senator Elizabeth Warren during today’s televised Select Subcommittee on Coronavirus Crisis hearing. Just as Senator Warren begins her question about the potential for conflict of interest involving Trump’s chief adviser for the White House vaccine program, someone at NBC/Comcast master control gives the tv director the “suggestion” to cut away. Why?

Trump’s chief adviser and so-called “vaccine czar” Moncef Slaoui, stepped down from his position on the board of directors at Moderna, a Massachusetts-based pharmaceutical company which is already planning a clinical trial for a vaccine it developed, to take on the job. His White House position is unpaid, according to the Associated Press.

But Securities and Exchange Commission filings show that Slaoui still holds more than 150,000 stock options in Moderna. Those offerings were valued at more than $10 million on Monday before the company’s stock shot up after it reported promising early results from its vaccine testing. Shares have nearly tripled in value since the start of the year, Business Insider reported.

Moderna’s stock skyrocketed last month after the company announced it had received $483 million in federal funding for its vaccine development.

Sources: Salon

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ICU hero’s wife offers profanity-laced, hilarious and heartbreaking plea to mask opponents that will have you cheering

The virus doesn’t care who you voted for: Stop being a dick

By Holly Figueroa O’Reilly

Apparently, some of you assholes need some tough love right about now and I’m just the bitch to give it to you so sit down, shut up, and listen.

I’ll apologize upfront for all the swears you’re about to read, but I’ve had it up to :jumps to the International Space Station and back: here with you fucking people and I guarantee, at least one of you assholes needs to hear this. And if you aren’t the asshole that needs to hear it, you definitely know at least one who does.

Apparently, some of you assholes need some tough love right about now and I’m just the bitch to give it to you so sit down, shut up, and listen.

I’m begging you: wear a fucking mask when you go out in public. When I say “mask”, I mean face covering of some sort. A scarf, a bandana…a bra. Whatever it takes, just cover your fucking face.

On Saturday, my husband stopped at the grocery on his way home from treating COVID19 positive patients in the ICU. Other than the employees and him, *not one other person* was wearing a mask.


Why are you people this way?

Listen, morons, you are putting the employees of the store, not to mention their families and friends, at risk. You know, those front-line workers everyone says they appreciate but YOU apparently don’t really give a fuck about?

“Well, I don’t care if I get it because _____________”

For the sake of argument, let’s put aside the fact that there is absolutely no word you can put in that space to make that sentence make sense. You aren’t wearing a mask to protect *you*, dumbass. You are supposed to be wearing it to protect *them*.

When you don’t wear a mask, you are telling front-line workers and other shoppers that you think their lives matter less than the milk you stopped in for. If that’s what you think, then, by all means, continue being an asshole, I guess.

“But *I’m* not sick! So I can’t get anyone else sick.”

:FACEPALM: Not sure if you’ve watched the news these past few weeks, (LOL of course you have), but you wouldn’t necessarily know if you were infected or not. You could be an asymptomatic spreader. 

Yes, bitch. You can infect almost 10k people. If the , that means that one of every 200 people you infect will die.

That’s 50 people you will be responsible for killing, you unbelievable moron.


Today in Washington state, our rate of infection, or R0, is 1.1. That means if you have the virus, you are infecting more than 1 person. That’s not good. In fact, most experts recommend an infection rate of less than 1.0 for two weeks before starting to re-open.

In King County, our R0 today is .98. That’s good, right?

No, dumbass. Because at the end of April, it was .92. It shouldn’t be going up. It should be going down.

This means that you people aren’t wearing your fucking masks and I don’t fucking understand why.


Look you dicks, when the virus hit and the hospitals started to become too busy for the critical care doctors to handle, my husband left his medical practice to help out in the ICU. He didn’t have to. He could have just stayed at home and done telehealth, but he felt compelled to help out. He’s not alone. Thousands and thousands of medical professionals all over this country dropped everything and came running because they thought that by flattening the curve, lives could be saved and society could start reopening more quickly. 

The LEAST you can do is cover your damn face with a fucking mask so you don’t end up killing people.



Learn to Play a Musical Instrument Amid the Pandemic

Older adults are taking advantage of their extra time during coronavirus restrictions to learn to play a musical instrument through online lessons.

The piano Linda Howell had purchased for her now-grown children sat in the corner of her living room for decades before she wondered if she should take lessons.

Howell, 72, of Fairport, New York, was having trouble adjusting to retirement after a 50-year career in nursing, and figured practicing would be good for her brain.

When the pandemic hit, she had plenty of time for practice.

Howell isn’t alone. Older Americans are picking up instruments they always yearned to play, or returning to those they may have tooted or screeched through as young children. Staying close to home and a limit on socializing have provided time and space for this new pursuit. Continue reading

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While Donald Trump continues to claim the US is ‘doing very well’ in its fight against Covid-19, the figures suggest a different story. The US has the highest death toll in the world, with over 150,000 deaths. Guardian US chief reporter Ed Pilkington examines how Trump got it wrong.

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On Monday, the US surpassed 4.7m confirmed cases of infection – more than a quarter of the global total. The death toll, which has now passed over 150,000, is the highest in the world and continues to rise. Despite this, the US president, Donald Trump, has claimed that under his leadership the US is “doing very well”.

Guardian US chief reporter Ed Pilkington tells Mythili Rao why the US, which was once ranked the most prepared country in the world for a potential pandemic, has failed to contain the spread of Covid-19. Ed discusses how Trump’s flawed style of leadership, his messaging and his disregard for science, along with his failure to implement a unified national approach to the virus has left the country in a perilous position. He also examines how Trump’s handling of the crisis will affect his run for re-election.

Source: How did President Trump get his pandemic response so wrong? Podcast