Albert Camus’ The Plague: Not about heroism – but about decency

“In January 1941, the twenty-eight year old French writer Albert Camus began work on a novel about a virus that spreads uncontrollably from animals to humans and ends up destroying half the population of a representative modern town. It was called La Peste/The Plague, eventually published in 1947 and frequently described as the greatest European novel of the postwar period…”

The School of Life

British PM Boris Johnson hospitalized with COVID-19

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has tested positive for COVID-19, was admitted to the hospital late Sunday. The prime minister has been in isolation at his residence next door to 10 Downing Street. The government says Johnson is running a high temperature and that the hospitalization is precautionary.

Special correspondent Ryan Chilcote joins Hari Sreenivasan from London with more.

Hear the report at NPR British PM Boris Johnson hospitalized with COVID-19

Shit Trump Says: A press briefing sample

Shit Trump Says

“Trump is a ‘ratings hit,’ The New York Times wrote in a not-complimentary recent story, comparing his audience size to the season finale of The Bachelor. No doubt, the former reality show host loved that juxtaposition. Now his wildly unscripted briefings are the ultimate reality show, and even those hate-watching his daily lies, scorn, and gaslighting are giving him exactly what he craves” – The Boston Globe

UK government officials daily briefing 4/3

UK government officials are delivering their daily briefing on the novel coronavirus outbreak in the country. They will carry on without Prime Minister Boris Johnson who said today he would continue his isolation after testing positive for COVID-19. ‘Although I’m feeling better,’ Johnson said after seven days of isolation, ‘I still have a temperature and so, in accordance with government advice, I must continue my self-isolation until that symptom itself goes.’