Richard Thompson: Acoustic Classics II | Folk Radio UK

It’s a great idea, cataloguing Richard Thompson’s substantial material into stripped back acoustic versions as a collection; the songs themselves are of such high quality that they’ll be around forever, and we all know that Thompson is a hugely accomplished guitarist. His career is a frightening one, spanning five decades thus far, starting in 1967 with Fairport Convention when the guitarist was in his late teens. We can be thankful then for a compilation series of Thompson’s output and also interested in hearing the songs in a contemporary setting. It’s a reassuring and accessible run so far and a very useful gateway for anybody looking to familiarise themselves with some of the most important song writing in modern British folk history [ . . . ]

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The Incredible Legacy of Fairport Convention

Many great bands have created a cool new sound. But how many start an entirely new genre? Fairport Convention did just that in 1969, providing the essential template for all Celtic-rock to come. Any recording that contains even a whiff of amplified traditional music from the U.K., or Ireland, owes something to Fairport, which means bands ranging from The Pogues and Flogging Molly to Led Zeppelin and U2. While other ’60s acts, like Pentangle and The Incredible String Band, did their part to revive the jigs, reels and ballads of traditional music, Fairport were the first to soup-up those styles with the full punch and wail of psychedelic-rock.

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