10 Best British Gangster Movies Ever

The Hobbledehoy notes the omission of 1997’s absolutely marvelous  gangster flick I Went Down directed by Paddy Breathnach and starring Brendan Gleeson, Peter McDonald and Michael McElhatton.

True, I Went Down is Irish not British, but the same can be said for In Bruges, which is on this Top 10 list. But who cares about rules anyway? Certainly not gangsters!

Nobody does gangster movies quite like the Brits, eh? The origins of the British crime thriller go back almost 75 years, though the genre truly picked up speed in the late 1960s, with the following three decades in particular serving up a slew of quintessential British gangster romps.

From comedy-laced capers to more serious, unexpectedly character-driven thrillers, these are the ten most influential genre entries that have been copied, parodied and homaged over the years – often successfully, but more often not – and set the groundwork for an entire film industry in of itself.

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I must say I like this IG vid more than anything on Jake Bugg’s latest album. Hope the poor boy from Nottingham gets back to basics on the next.

A pleasure to play two nights at Whelan's. Much love Dublin. 📹 @j_w_atherton

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The Bookshop Band “Room for Three”


In May last year we got a phone call from a publisher asking us if we’d be interested in writing a couple of songs for the launch of Philip Pullman’s trilogy The Book Of Dust, set in Lyra’s Oxford. Now, we rarely take commissions directly from publishers – preferring to keep the books that inspire our songs as a curated list from Mr B’s Emporium.  Having a curated list from an amazing bookshop who choose books they love means we get an amazing unbiased book.  | Read More

Sally Hawkins: celebrating her 12 best film roles

If you loved her turn as Elisa in Guillermo del Toro’s latest tour de force The Shape Of Water, that’s currently playing in UK cinemas, then good news: there are lots and lots of movie performances from her that are well, well worth seeking out. Here’s our pick of a dozen other excellent Sally Hawkins films that you might want to check out, once you’ve seen The Shape Of Water [ . . . ]

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