GasLit Nation: Cosa Nostra Grover Cleveland

December 7, 2022


We’re back! After a two-week break in which several decades of horrific breaking news occurred, Gaslit Nation is back with the rundown on all the developments that happened in our wake. The GOP took the House, Trump announced he was running again and called to terminate the constitution, neo-Nazis and white supremacists carried out terrorist attacks and public sphere takeovers, workers were screwed over yet again by the Biden administration, and mafia state enabler Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to do the work that he is too cowardly and complicit to do himself. Wow!

We start the episode by reviewing the career of new special counsel Jack Smith, who is already being heralded as a savior by the same group of ding-dongs who worshiped Comey, Mueller, Vance, Garland and other failures. We feel somewhat sorry for Smith for attracting a following of freaks who embellish his resume in order to create yet another cult of bureaucracy. We debunk some of their propaganda claims and take a closer look at Smith’s last place of work – the “ghost court” of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. We hope Smith learned from the “ghost court” that justice delayed is justice denied, and we wish him luck as he works within an institution, the DOJ, that hired him to run out the clock. Gaslit Nation endorses Jack Smith going rogue and actually serving his country!

We then move on to the drip-drip-drip of Matt Taibbi’s “Twitter Files”, which could be called the poor man’s Wikileaks if it weren’t being done in partnership with the richest man in the world on the social network owned by the richest man in the world. There are serious issues raised in Taibbi’s work that should be investigated – state control over social media, nepotism and national security – but this is an inane way to go about it. We also discuss the broad attempt to recreate the social media landscape of 2014-2016 in anticipation of Trump’s attempt to become Cosa Nostra Grover Cleveland, what’s changed since then, and what’s in store for the future.

Our bonus episode, available to Patreon subscribers at the Truth Teller level or higher, will run later this week, since it is our reaction to the Georgia runoff election, which is happening as I type. Hopefully we will be ruminating on what a Warnock win means. We also plan to discuss the new Congress in general, and answer some of your Q & A questions as well. Gaslit Nation is 100% independent and survives only through Patreon support, so please consider joining so that we can keep reporting and you can get bonus features and more!

GasLit Nation: Will the Youth Save Us?

November 7, 2022


f you have a young person in your life, take them to vote, and if they’re voting for the first time do something special to mark the big occasion. That’s the advice of this week’s special guest. Here is an excerpt of our interview with Dakota Hall, the executive director of the Alliance for Youth Action—the first Black and Indigenous leader of the organization—and former executive director of the Alliance’s Wisconsin-based affiliate Leaders Igniting Transformation. The Alliance for Youth Action grows progressive people power across America by empowering local young people’s organizations to strengthen our democracy, fix our economy, and correct injustices through on-the-ground organizing. 

GasLit Nation: Kanye. Elon. Trump

Oct 19, 2022


Imagine: the year is 2005. The Apprentice dominates the airwaves, Kanye West dominates the charts, and you are told that in seventeen years, you will be comparing the antisemitic rants of former presidential candidate West to the antisemitic rants of former president Trump as you analyze the descent of the United States into full-fledged authoritarian kleptocracy. Where is a Tesla time machine when you need one?! Surely transporting us back to an era in which we could alter our current timeline this would be a better endeavor for shit-talker Elon Musk than taking over Twitter while bonding with the extremist right.

GasLit Nation: Laboratories of Autocracy

October 7, 2022


Hey remember when Trump stole a bunch of classified documents related to nuclear material and stored them in his Florida golf compound and the legal pundits said “he can’t do that” and Trump summoned the ghost of Roy Cohn who said “it doesn’t matter what the law is, only who the judge is” and a Trump-appointed judge ruled in favor of Trump and then another throwback from Trump’s mafia glory days in NYC was appointed “Special Master”?

David Pepper has witnessed Ohio devolve into an electoral autocracy where extreme Republican gerrymandering ensures that the results of the state elections are pre-determined. This is happening across the country in so-called red states, which are in reality voter suppression states or Republican hostage states. Pepper explains how we got here, what can still be done about it, and his list of reasons and strategies to fight like hell. For more on Pepper’s work, check out his book Laboratories of Autocracy: A Wake-Up Call from Behind the Lines and his website

GasLit Nation: Defiance

Sept 28, 2022


This week we kick off by examining a country that is technically a democracy on paper but is actually ruled by an unelected supreme court of theocrats who strip women of their basic rights! Is it the United States? Iran? Does the fact that we have to ask not speak to a broader global attack on women’s bodily autonomy?! We look at the brave protests of Iranian women and prepare for a horrific month of rulings on the Supreme Court here in the US. We also note that a woman will become prime minister of Italy for the first time, but of course she is a fascist groomed by Steve Bannon, because it is 2022 and we are in hell.