Catgod “Feel It Go Round”

Listen to Feel It Go Round, the album title track from Catgod – Oxford-based sibling duo Robin Christensen-Marriott and Catherine Marriott.

Catgodis the musical project of Oxford-based sibling duo Robin Christensen-Marriott and Catherine Marriott. September sees the release of their debut album, Feel It Go Round which is preceded by a double A-side single of tracks including the title track and live favourite Blood.

Feel It Go Round is resplendent with plaintive vocals, lilting rhythms and lyrics of peace and acceptance. The duo evoke a pastoral, hushed reverie, inspired by and recalling luminaries such as Phoebe Bridges and Lamb, and the hazy psychedelia calls to mind legends such as Fairport Convention by way of the eccentric vocal melodies of Kate Bush.

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Lambs Of God actress Jessica Barden is still stunned by her overnight success

She first came into the public eye in the cult Netflix drama End Of The F***ing World and is now starring in the much hyped Lambs of God.

‘I’m filming in Hollywood right now and I feel that it’s so random that this happened to me.’

‘I’m really grateful for the opportunities I get. But I do spend a lot of time thinking about how lucky I am so I don’t become complacent about it.’

Jessica Barden is a star in the much-hyped Lambs of God, an Australian television drama series on Foxtel’s Showcase.

Lambs of God is gothic thriller about three nuns living in an isolated convent by the coast whose lives are changed by a unwanted visitor.

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The Saturday Boy: bullying, love and Billy Bragg

Every bullied teenager thinks they’re alone. But then they hear a song that tells them about their lives. Billy Bragg talks about the writing of The Saturday Boy, and the boy he was when he was sitting in double history twice a week. By Michael Hann.

“But I never made the first team
I just made the first team laugh
And she never came to the phone
She was always in the bath.”

I don’t recall whose was the first boot in my mouth, or who kicked me afterwards, or how many times. All I remember — all I’ve ever been able to remember, since the day it happened — was being followed around the playground by a group of boys who, like me, were in their first term at grammar school in autumn 1980. Then I was on the ground. Then I was being kicked in the face, over and over again. Then I was making my way back to my classroom — the nearest classroom, thankfully — for afternoon registration, my mouth bleeding, my teeth chipped, my eyes swollen from the kicking and the tears that followed. Mick Whelan — the only person I can be sure was among the group that attacked me, and only because we later became an uneasy sort of friends — said everyone took their shoes off before they started on my face. That sounded both unusually considerate, and extremely unlikely. Continue reading

Top 50 sexiest British accents ranked from worst to best

HAVE you not been very successful with the ladies recently?

I have bad news for you — it might be your accent.

After Big Travel 7 surveyed 1.5million people, Britain’s sexiest (and least sexy) accents have been revealed.

Well gentlemen, take a look through the list below and find your accent.

Maybe its ranking will explain why you haven’t been getting any action recently… Or just stop wearing Crocs.

Here we go [ . . . ]

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