Shit Trump Says 12/11/19

Yesterday’s chilly rally in Hersey, PA, – described as “one of his ugliest and most troubling performances in recent memory,” by one news reporter -reminded THE HOBBLEDEHOY of this bon mot from a 2016 Vermont Trump rally. Temperatures were sub-freezing that January day, so this quote demonstrates a decisive leader deploying a tactical command to inhibit his enemies. Well done, despite his bad feet.

Mattis mocks Trump at gala dinner

The former US defence secretary hits back after the president described him as “the world’s most overrated general”.

Former US Defence Secretary James Mattis poked fun at Donald Trump as he spoke at a charity event in New York.

His comments came a day after the US president referred to him as “the world’s most overrated general”.

Mattis resigned as Defence Secretary in December 2018.


Watch at Source: Mattis mocks Trump at gala dinner – BBC News

Is Donald Trump likely to be impeached? – BBC Newsnight

As the trial of Donald Trump’s former campaign chief heats up, is the collusion probe even the biggest legal threat for the president?

Here the US President’s former adviser Sam Nunberg and Elizabeth Holtzman, who helped impeach Nixon, give their thoughts on how likely Donald Trump is to be impeached.

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