This Is The Kit – Ivor Novello Awards 2018

Only one female performer – This is the Kit – has been nominated in this year’s prestigious songwriting awards.

The Ivors, which are judged and presented by other musicians, “celebrate, honour and reward excellence” in British and Irish songwriting and composing [ . . . ]

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This Is the Kit, “By My Demon Eye (First Go)”

From the band’s acoustic ‘Moonshine First Goes’ EP, an appendix of last year’s ‘Moonshine Freeze.’

In 2017, This Is the Kit released Moonshine Freeze, a keen, intimate collection of minimal folk. Prior to the album sessions, songwriter Kate Stables, who helms the project, recorded four bare, acoustic versions of four Moonshine Freeze songs. Previously unheard, those four songs will soon be released as Moonshine First Goes, out March 30.

“It was a time of finishing off songs, working out arrangements and looking for drum patterns in preparation for burying ourselves in the studio to get the album recorded,” Stables says. “I like hearing these early versions again. It totally takes me back to that time and those places.. Formative times.”

Hear a beautiful, stripped-down version of “By My Demon Eye” below, reworked as “By My Demon Eye (First Go).”

Source: PASTE MAGAZINE Daily Dose: This Is the Kit, “By My Demon Eye (First Go)”

Acoustic endeavours pay off for This Is The Kit

Championed by the likes of Guy Garvey and The National, British musician Kate Stables has followed her own path, writes Ed Power 

ONE day many years ago Kate Stables’ father returned from a car boot sale with a novelty item under his arm. A collector of musical instruments, esoteric and otherwise, he’d spied a banjo amid the bric-a-brac and stumped up on the spot.

At home his daughter, an aspiring songwriter, picked it up and started strumming. She liked how it sounded — warm but with an edge, familiar yet with hints of the open road.

“My dad acquires musical instruments from sales,” Stables explains, “A one point he got a banjo. I started writing on it.”

Fans of contemporary English folk-rock will bowled over by the music Stables records as This Is The Kit. Wispy and just the right side of ethereal, she has, across a 12-year career, taken her place alongside Laura Marling and The Unthanks at the top table of acoustic British songwriters.

Among her prominent fans, Elbow’s Guy Garvey was such an enthusiastic cheerleader that he fronted a BBC radio documentary in which he argued her 2010 LP, Wriggle Out The Restless, deserved a Mercury Music Prize nomination (it didn’t receive one).

The secret ingredient to her writing, it can be argued, is its intensity. There’s an edge to her playing and, especially, her voice that keeps at bay the tweeness often an unfortunate byproduct of middle-class, home counties types donning waistcoats and bashing banjos.

Her journey has, moreover, been circuitous and then some. It is a supreme irony that Stables had to move to Paris in order to hone a distinctly British sound.

“Living in a foreign country widens your perceptions a bit,” she says, “I’m not saying that not living in a foreign country narrows your perceptions. But you’re used to meeting new people in new countries — for me, I found that I’ve learned stuff.” [ . . . ]
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