Cast talks “Last Tango in Halifax” Season 5

The Hobbledehoy look forward to watching the 5th season of one of our favorites from Brit TV – Last Tango in Halifax.

As Series 5 launches, cast members Anne Reid, Derek Jacobi, Sarah Lancashire, Nicola Walker, and writer Sally Wainwright, describe how BAFTA award winning Last Tango in Halifax reflects family life so well.

One thought on “Cast talks “Last Tango in Halifax” Season 5

  1. Ooooh, that’s good news! I bought the first series of Last Tango in Halifax with no knowledge that this was a TV series…. Much later I ‘found’ rather by chance a double DVD with the first AND SECOND series and I was pleased like punch…. And it goes on! Something to look forward to. Not having TV (and not missing it!) lets me view films much later but it doesn’t matter. If they are good, they are still good a year or three later and if not, I didn’t miss anything. Thanks for this info.

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