Highway One trailer – Festival of Voice/ Gŵyl y Llais 2018

Highway One is coproduced by Wales Millennium Centre and August 012 and is directed by Mathilde López whose recent productions include Of Mice and Men and Yuri.

Mari is trying to make sense of her life when a centaur, Medea, and a dead Italian film-maker turn up and take her on a trip to Delphi, a journey to the Oracle. In this touching and absurdly funny tale, the pilgrims encounter the usual – and not so usual – tribulations of travel in their search for meaning; the ancient and the modern, the sacred and the mundane, the real and the fictional.

In collaboration with Welsh musician Katell Keineg, Highway One features live performances from Katell, incorporating songs from her forthcoming album.

5 – 10 June 2018, Enfys Studio Cardiff
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Canolfan Mileniwm Cymru ac August 012 sy’n cyd-gynhyrchu Highway One, a’r cyfarwyddwr yw Mathilde López, sydd wedi gweithio ar gynyrchiadau o Of Mice and Men ac Yuri yn ddiweddar.

Ceisio gwneud synnwyr o’i bywyd y mae Mari pan fydd dynfarch, Medea, a gwneuthurwr ffilm marw o’r Eidal yn ymddangos ac yn ei dwyn ar daith i Delphi at yr Oracl. Yn y stori deimladwy a hynod ddigrif hon, mae’r pererinion yn wynebu’r antur arferol – a phethau mwy anarferol – wrth deithio i chwilio am ystyr; yr hynafol a’r modern, y cysegredig a’r cyffredin, y ffaith a’r ffuglen.

Ar y cyd â’r cerddor o Gymraes, Katell Keineg, mae Highway One yn cynnwys perfformiadau byw gan Katell, a chaneuon o’i halbwm nesaf.

Katell Keineg – Interview – Louder Than War

Currently working alongside Gareth Bonello of The Gentle Good, Cardiff-based musician Katell Keineg is playing a one-off show in support of Joan Osborne at London’s Union Chapel.  Louder Than War’s Melz Durston caught up with Katell for a chat. 

Some stars shine the brightest when out of view, and this would be true of Katell Keineg, BretonWelsh musician who never quite embraced the glaring lights of fame and fortune, despite a voice that soars, and cuts you to the core, and a life lived fully and courageously. You can live your life in an endless wait, or build it high on the present tense, are the words Katell sang on One Hell of a Life, and she has surely lived up to that philosophy.

Born in Brittany, Katell spent the first eight years of her childhood travelling back and forth between there and Wales, where eventually she would settle with her family before leaving to study in London.  Propelled towards sonic adventures from an early age, aged 16, Katell and her friend made a pilgrimage to Bron Yr Aur, having identified where Led Zepellin wrote their third album [ . . . ]

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