“Movie review: “The Invisible Man”

Available to rent early due to its premature departure from cinemas amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Leigh Whannell’s take on this classic story is deeply satisfying, despite the odd flaw

Leigh Whannell’s take on the iconic H.G. Wells monster and 1933 Pre-Code horror finally sees the light of day after 13 years in development, and the results are surprisingly satisfying. In San Francisco’s present-day haven of technology start-ups and 30-something millionaires, Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) is first seen painstakingly sneaking out of the gated mansion she shares with her husband Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen). Two weeks after this heart-poundingly narrow escape, Adrian is dead of an apparent suicide – and yet Cecilia cannot shake the feeling that he is just around the corner.

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  1. This trailer is SO terrifying that I’m shaking. I love Elizabeth Moss but I can’t watch anything like that. I think the ‘worst’ I could watch and which was followed by months of nightmares was SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY….

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