Do you know a pompous ass who regularly uses one of these phrases?

At least he wasn’t pompous. (Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppins”)

Top 10 Pompous Phrases

1. With all due respect… 

2. Methinks. 

3. If I may say so. 

4. As I said at the time. 

5. ‏I would not resile from that. 

6. I will take no lectures from… (Neither will I provide a running commentary.)

7. The fact of the matter is. 

8. Perchance. 

9. Blood and treasure. 

10. Do you know who I am? 

Source: John Rentoul THE INDEPENDENT

10 Best British Films Of The Last Decade

We Need to Talk About Kevin

The last decade has seen British cinema grow by leaps and bounds, to the point that more blockbusters than ever are now being shot or partially set there (at least until Brexit finally takes hold). So much for the U.K only putting out stuffy period dramas, right?

There are many varying definitions for what makes a British film, but for the sake of simplicity, this list will primarily focus on movies with British writers or directors, featuring largely British casts or settings, that were at least partially funded with British money.

These 10 films are without question the very best that U.K. cinema has put out over the last decade [ . . . ]

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The Essential British Films

By Tom Jolliffe

Any film student worth their salt will tell you that absolutely essential viewing is Withnail & I. When I started at University studying film about 100 years ago give or take (actually it was 14 years ago) I hadn’t seen Withnail. Within two weeks of starting it became apparent that I had not actually lived, and thus needed to see it immediately. I watched it, I like it but upon that first viewing it didn’t quite inseminate me fully with its genius. The second time I got it. The third, fourth and beyond, the film just got better and better.

This is a film that represents Britain at its cinematic finest. Firstly it beautifully captures the [ . . . ]

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