Saturday Kitchen cuts live phone-in over “Camberwall carrot” question

SATURDAY KITCHEN host Matt Tebbutt was forced to cut one caller off the show during a live phone-in resulted in the three guests chefs being asked a very inappropriate question.

During today’s edition of the popular BBC cooking show, one caller named Kylie phoned in for some advice.

Matt said: “We have Kylie from London, what’s your question?”

“Oh, hi Matt,” she replied.

“If I could ask the chefs what is the best herb to put with a Camberwell carrot?”

One guest chef asked: “Sorry, what was that?”

He continued to enquire: “What’s a Camberwell carrot?”

“I think we better move on from that one Kylie,” Matt insisted as he tried to stop himself from giggling.

Kylie’s line was then cut off as Matt tried to move the segment along.

“I’ll tell you what, let’s have some carrot recipes shall we?” he said.

“What would you do with carrots Sabrina?”

Sabrina went on to reveal she would roast carrots in the oven and add some harissa to add flavour. Continue reading


Jaguar F-Pace in the Lake District to visit locations from cult film ‘Withnail & I’

As I thunder north up the M6, I am fulfilling a mission 30 years in the making. I’m at the wheel of a Jaguar and the destination is Uncle Monty’s cottage. I am re-enacting Withnail & I. In this most quotable of cult films, Richard E Grant and Paul McGann arrived in Cumbria during a deluge in a Mk2 Jaguar, which had just one working headlight and a capricious windscreen wiper.

Our F-Pace is working perfectly and its bodywork is unblemished, yet the weather is similarly soaking. I had tracked down the owner of Crow Crag in the Lake District, our heroes’ refuge from the vicissitudes of London life, and secured an invitation [ .  . . ]

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Happy Birthday, Eighth Doctor Paul McGann!

Paul McGann

Happy birthday, Paul McGann! Born in Liverpool to a metallurgist and a teacher, McGann is one of five children—four of whom found their way into showbiz.

A member of the so-called “Brit Pack” (alongside big names like Tim Roth, Gary Oldman, and Colin Firth), the Liverpudlian actor turned his attention to television. It wasn’t until 1996, though, that McGann’s nerd credit was established. [ . . . ] More: Happy Birthday, Eighth Doctor Paul McGann! –

Withnail and I by Bruce Robinson | The Z Review

Withnail & I
Withnail & I


As Thatcher’s 80s ground to their inexorable conclusion, a little independent film came out called Withnail and I. As for all independent films, it was nearly not made at all. George Harrison’s Handmade Films picked it up after he read the script on a plane to America, and the rest is history. It launched the career of Richard E. Grant and finally proved that its writer and director, Bruce Robinson, was better behind the camera than in front. (McGann’s career had already found its feet, the McGann brothers being a small acting legend in the UK.) [ . . . ]

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