Kermode and Mayo Review: “The Lighthouse”

Kermode and Mayo Review

Willem Dafoe talks The Lighthouse.

Plus film reviews including Clint Eastwood’s drama Richard Jewell, Daniel Kaluuya in Queen and Slim, and Tom Hanks in A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood.

Mark and Simon chat through all the films worth seeing in UK cinemas in the UK Box Office Top Ten, we tell you the best and worst films on TV next week and recommend a home entertainment purchase in DVD of the Week.

00.19.27 Box Office Top 10
00.39.16 Willem Dafoe Interview
00.57.46 The Lighthouse
01.11.14 Richard Jewell
01.17.40 Queen and Slim
01.27.34 The Rhythm Section
01.33.12 A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood