Closing Time for a Village’s Last Pub?

With a deadline looming, locals scramble to raise enough money to buy the White Horse Tavern — and save the soul of their community.

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Obituary: Jan Morris, a poet of time, place and self

She was an award-winning journalist and author with more than 40 books under her belt.

Jan Morris, who has died at the age of 94, was one the finest writers the UK has produced in the post-war era.

Her life story was crammed with romance, discovery and adventure. She was a soldier, an award-winning journalist, a novelist and – as a travel writer – became a poet of time and place.

She was also known as a pioneer in her personal life, as one of the first high-profile figures to change gender. Continue reading

Most UK restaurants, pubs to go bankrupt

LONDON: Almost three quarters of UK pubs and restaurants expect to shut permanently next year following damaging coronavirus restrictions, an industry poll indicated on Thursday.

The British Beer and Pub Association, the British Institute of Innkeeping and UK Hospitality said in a statement that 72 per cent of surveyed businesses “expect to become unviable and close in 2021.”

The survey, conducted by market research company CGA, also showed that pubs and other hospitality businesses want the UK government to provide more support.

CGA polled 446 businesses representing more than 20,000 venues nationwide during November.

“The evidence is here to see of the devastating, long-term impact the government’s restrictions are having on hospitality and pub businesses,” the three trade organisations said in a statement.

“Without a change in approach and more support from government, much of our sector could be gone within a year – that means businesses and jobs lost plus much-loved venues closed forever.”

English pubs temporarily closed their doors on Nov 5 as the country effectively shut down for the second time this year to try to curb spiking Covid-19 infection rates.

The current lockdown has also shuttered restaurants, gyms and non-essential shops and services until Dec 2, with hopes business could resume in time for Christmas.

To help cushion the blow, the government has rolled out a new multi-billion-pound support package by extending its furlough jobs scheme paying the bulk of workers’ wages until the end of March. – AFP

Source: Most UK restaurants, pubs to go bankrupt | New Straits Times

Are rural English pubs a thing of antiquity?

Rural pubsLandlords across the country are stuck between a rock, and a hard place with pubs fastly becoming an endangered species.

Rural English pubs are on a life support machine, and the visitors have long stopped coming by. Much like a vegetative patient, there’s understandable pain and anguish at the idea of letting them go. But deep down, we know we hardly visited them when they were alive. So, there comes a point when it’s best to turn off the machine.

Nicki and Oliver Wolfe have run a 13th Century pub in North Devon since the early ’90s when the village pub truly was the beating heart of the community. Those days, Nicki would come through to their adjoining house after her busy shift in the kitchen smelling of chip fat, and Oliver pulled pint after pint while inhaling the second-hand smoke of others. Continue reading

One in 10 Brits think bacon isn’t essential to a Full English

Brit Breakfast

Brits have lots of bad opinions, but few are as bad as the 1 in 10 people who believe that bacon is not an essential ingredient to a Full English.

God has deserted us

There have been a lot of instances in recent years in which the public have made their feelings known on a variety of topics. Whether it’s been elections across the world, or even Brexit, people across the world are making their opinions known, for better or worse.

Nothing, though, could have prepared us for this. In 2017, YouGov conducted a poll asking the British public what they believe to be an essential ingredient in a Full English.

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