The Lost BBC: Two-Way Family Favourites


The Lost BBC: Two-Way Family Favourites

I’M sure that for quite a few readers, nothing will bring back memories of Sunday lunchtimes with the smell of the roast in the oven more than these words: ‘The time in Britain is twelve noon, in Germany it’s one o’clock, but home and away it’s time for Two-Way Family Favourites’, and this tune.

The programme started in 1941 as Forces Favourites, in which requests from families at home could be heard by servicemen overseas. It went out several times a week with the theme tune When You Wish Upon a Star. I can’t discover if it was the Disney version from Pinocchio sung by Cliff Edwards, or by Vera Lynn, who released it in 1940, so I have given both.

The presenters were all women, apparently because the higher pitch of their voices suited short-wave reception. One was Jean Metcalfe, who started work at the BBC as a typist.[ . . . ]
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