Leisure Society Podcast with Kathy Burke

Gemma chats to actress and director Kathy Burke round at her house in North London about her passion for TV and how she spends her leisure time. From her first love of the early TV series I, Claudius to Big Brother and the Wire, Kathy discusses the TV shows that she loves as well as the shows she avoids.

Gemma Cairney interviews cultural icons, tastemakers, artists and musicians about their pastimes, hobbies, collections and loves beyond what they are known for.

Kathy Burke meets Joe Strummer in Little Crackers’ Better Than Christmas

By Johnny Foreigner

I knew actress Kathy Burke mainly for her brilliant performance in the 1997 film Nil By Mouth, when she played a battered woman terrorized by her brutish husband (played with equal brilliance by actor Ray Winstone.) As comedienne, Bates also played “Magda” on  AbFab, and delivered a hilarious line in Sid and Nancy – “John got beaten up by fascists.” (wonderful!)

When I came across this great short biopic from 2010 about a young London schoolgirl (Ami Metcalf portraying a teenaged Kathy Burke) meeting her rock n’ roll hero Joe Strummer – it left me wanting to see the rest of the series. IMDB describes Little Crackers as “a series of short comedy-dramas with a Christmas theme, written by British artists recalling moments from their childhoods.”

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