Quora asks: Why hasn’t Joe Biden been impeached?

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Why hasn’t Joe Biden been impeached?

Randy responds:

“Several reasons.

  1. He hasn’t done anything impeachable
  2. Republicans don’t have enough numbers in the House to orchestrate a sham impeachment
  3. A sham impeachment would be political suicide for the GOP in the midterms
  4. If Republicans were able to execute a sham impeachment in the House, they know that effort would fail in the Senate.
  5. If Republicans could successfully execute a sham impeachment and actually remove Biden, then they would get President Kamala Harris.”

Thomas responds:

“Don’t worry when Republicans take control corrupt ‘Slow Joe’ will get his. And don’t worry btw Afghan withdrawal (13 dead and thousands abandoned), 10% for the ‘Big Guy’ or not enforcing the southern border there are plenty of things to impeach him on. But if those don’t work Republicans can make up a Quid pro quo phone call to get him.”

Randall responds:

“Does Quora have an annual award for the dumbest question asked?”

Guy responds:

“But he hasn’t even blackmailed an ally in a war with an enemy by illegally withholding US military aid? To get them to pretend to launch a fake investigation into a domestic political rival?

I mean, I can’t even remember the last time Biden tried to organise and instigate a violent attack on the US Capitol, you know, to overthrow democracy and install a fascist autocratic junta?

Did he fart in church or something?”

Source: Quora

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