GasLit Nation: The U.S. vs. Donald J. Trump

August 2, 2023


In The United States vs. Donald J. Trump, Special Counsel Jack Smith hits Trump and Trump alone with four charges of trying to violently overthrow our democracy and install himself as dictator. Read the 45 page indictment of the 45th president here. The case has randomly been assigned to Judge Tanya Chutkan who famously told Trump,” Presidents are not kings.” She also has a record of appropriate tough sentencing of January 6 insurrectionists, another Black woman on the frontlines of protecting our democracy, and doing so at much personal risk to herself and her family. This mini-episode was recorded before the reports of a possible active shooter today at the U.S. Capitol, a chilling reminder of our nation’s slow moving civil war, as recent Gaslit Nation guest Jeff Sharlet appropriately calls it.For those who want to go back in time to see Gaslit Nation’s own indictment of Trump’s violent coup attempt, read the transcript or listen to our January 13, 2021 episode Clear Intent, laying out Trump’s clear intention to overthrow our democracy, something prosecutors must now prove in court in order to send Trump to prison where he belongs.

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