Listen to “Spinning Plates” – soundtrack music from Wes Anderson and more

Our friend and fellow-HOBBLEDEHOY Wayne Cresser contributes the latest installment from his terrific weekly radio program, Picture This

On this episode titled Spinning Plates II you’ll hear choice cuts from movie soundtracks from two of our favorite filmmakers, Wes Anderson and his equally brilliant non-relative Paul Thomas Anderson. There’s also music from classic TV cartoons and animated films from the big screen.

‘But wait, there’s more!’

About halfway through the show, you’ll hear Leonard Nimoy perform his Spock-inspired song “Highly Illogical.”

For the complete playlist from this and other episodes, proceed to Wayne’s blog Mischief Time

“Picture This” airs Monday evenings on WRIU: 90.3 FM the radio station for the University of Rhode Island. You can hear live streaming at

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