You dumb bastards

“There’s nothing fun or funny about these Trump rallies. They’re crude, they’re vicious, they’re incitement, plain and simple.” – Journalist Mehdi Hasan

6 thoughts on “You dumb bastards

  1. The good news: Only two more weeks of this venomous, virulent vitriol.
    The bad news: Two more weeks of this venomous, virulent vitriol.

  2. Let’s hope that we see a sequel to “Scream at the Sky” as liberal heads explode in a gush of bloody goo on sidewalks everywhere as they are taken to hell in the Orange Man Rapture.

  3. Our poor fingernails. They don’t deserve to be bitten this short.
    Can we maybe skip Tuesday and cut straight to Wed a.m.
    And by the way did anyone remember to order the extra large orange jumpsuit?

    1. The orange jump suits are in…all sizes for all members of the Humpty Trumpty family. Probably made in China.

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