Have you no decency?


3 thoughts on “Have you no decency?

  1. If he said that within my hearing I would have punched this clown firstly for my Nam buddies, Joe May (“Some do, some don’t Joe May), Michael “Mikie” Ryan and lastly, pour moi then I would tell to wipe his shite off the Wall in DC then polish it and every Vet, regardless of country, would support my defense. All while I’m telling him how the flash comes first, then the punch of the blast then the sound.

    Let him slog through mud scared you’d step on something nasty, eat canned lima beans & ham, mosquitos constantly buzzing in your ears, making love to Mother Earth when shrapnel’s whizzing, let him deal, or not deal, with PTSD. My country called I went, Maybe my country made a policy mistake but I went, my Dad went, my Mom went, my Aunts and Uncles went (WW II) Maybe put him on graves detail, maybe put him in the half barrels for waste (shit cans) down there with his element.

    Lord, the nucleus of people who support him are the very people who suffer most with his policies or lack of. Hell, I’ll wager that his coterie of banditos and kleptocrats realize they better get all they can before the man goes down in flames.

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