GasLit Nation 1/15/2020 “Dynasty Alert!”

GasLit Nation podcasters Andrea and Sarah

Dynasty Alert!

This week Gaslit Nation takes a look at two dynasties – the Trump Crime Family’s attempt to build a dynastic kleptocracy in the White House, and Meghan and Harry’s flight to Canadian freedom. Yes, like a dystopian US Weekly, Gaslit Nation takes on Megxit (we’re in favor!) and the issues surrounding it: racism and colonialism, the mendacity of the UK tabloid press, Prince Andrew the Pedophile, and the decades-long connections of the royal family to the transnational crime syndicate propping up Trump.

Now that the GOP has confirmed the Trump adult children are in the running for 2024, we rehash our arguments of why Ivanka Trump should not be the first female president, but should be in prison – right now. We remind everyone of what Ivanka, Don Jr, and Jared Kushner have been up to over the past two decades and why they comprise a national security threat.

We also take on the man who streamlined the Trump/Kushner corporate marriage merger – Rupert Murdoch, who with his ex-wife, the alleged Chinese spy Wendi Deng, reunited the crime couple on his yacht and changed world history for the worse. And Murdoch is still wreaking havoc now: we discuss his role in the Australian climate crisis as well as how his tabloid empire helped torpedo a functional democracy in the UK.We also discuss the latest revelations in the ongoing Iran crisis and the Warren vs Sanders feud. And we cover the ongoing Trump campaign help from the Kremlin. After Ukraine’s president, under extreme pressure from Trump and his goon squad, didn’t invent a Joe Biden scandal in Ukraine, Russia took matters into its own hands by hacking Burisma. (Hunter Biden served on the board of Burisma). From hacking to an international coalition of corruption to Facebook allowing blatant propaganda on its massive network, we’re in for another 2016. Let’s hope Democrats avoid that fate by being united.

We continue our discussion of the 2020 election in our special bonus episode, available to Patreon subscribers at the Truth-Teller level or higher. Joining at this level gives you access to all past and future bonus material and is extremely worth it. Sign up today!

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