GasLit Nation: Traitors

It’s Impeachment Week on Gaslit Nation – again! We are covering the (second) Senate impeachment trial of ex-president and eternal traitor Donald Trump both in this episode and in upcoming Patreon-only episodes during the week. If you haven’t signed up at the Truth-Teller level to get extra coverage, now is the time!


Big Dirty Money: The Jennifer Taub Interview on GasLit Nation

In the first of this two-part interview with Jennifer Taub, author of Big Dirty Money, she breaks down definitions – “dirty money”, “dark money”, “white-collar crime” – and fields questions about why no one in power is doing much to remedy these crises. Taub explains the devastating impact of white-collar crime on ordinary Americans, and discusses the Sacklers and other corporate criminals who have caused mass death.

GasLit Nation: Donald Trump Is a Terrorist Attack on America

As Trump continues to threaten public officials and attempt to overturn the election results, he puts at stake not only our nation’s political future, but the literal survival of its citizens. More Americans are projected to die from the Covid-19 pandemic than died during World War II. The majority of those deaths were preventable. Americans are not dying: they are being killed by the malice and failures of their own government.

GasLit Nation: The Breitbart Senate



We make the case yet again for all the criminal actors in the Trump camp to be held accountable. We demand thorough and transparent investigations of the crimes that have occurred and indictments where merited. Unity without justice is hollow.

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GasLit Nation: “Actual Nazis”

Welcome to week two of the attempted Trump coup! As Trump refuses to concede, his cronies are using mafia tactics to attempt an illegal second term, including threatening secretaries of state and other officials with violence, pressuring bureaucrats to deny Biden’s win and thus prevent Americans from getting needed resources, entering drawn-out court battles designed to reach courts packed with Trump lackeys, and if all else fails, war with Iran!