Laura Marling “Don’t Ask Me Why / Salinas”

ABOUT SIDESHOW ALLEY Sideshow Alley captures performing artists in the alleys, laneways and rooftops of Melbourne and New York City One song. One take. With no fixed agenda and no rehearsal. Created by a handful of talented film makers, photographers and sound engineers, the Sideshow Alley collective produce videos from these unique moments.

CREDITS Director: Dave Budge Producer: Ty Johnson Editor: Ty Johnson Colourist: Dave Budge, Ty Johnson Sound: Selwyn Cozens, Jonathon Lee Mixer: Yen Nguyen Production assist: Mia Hildebrand Camera: Chris Phillips, Caro Macdonald, Hugh Turral, Stefan Raabe, Dave Budge, Ty Johnson Photographer: John Deer Artwork: Matt Slater, Ty Johnson