Sandy Denny BBC interviews

1969 interview with John Peel

[Above] John Peel interviewing Sandy Denny, singer of Fairport Convention, broadcast on BBC Radio One from 27th December 1969. [Below] Sandy is interviewed on John Peel’s ‘Sounds on Sunday’ in January 1974 and also interviewed for BBC Manchester in 1974. Both interviews are to promote her album “Like an Old Fashioned Waltz”.

1972 “Tomorrow’s People” BBC
1974 with John Peel

Ivor Cutler “A Saucer” and other poems

“John Peel has a show on Number One [Radio 1] on which he plays the latest gramophone records,” says Ivor Cutler “He put one of my records on, and a few days later there was a cloud of envelopes coming in. But some people like Cutler, and some people don’t. […] One man called in and said ‘Hey! Get rid of that guy! He’s driving me nuts and his voice is making my wife’s hair stand on end!'”

Scottish poet, humorist and songwriter Ivor Cutler performs his touching, absurd short poems in a gentle Scottish burr. He recorded a total of 21 Peel sessions between 1969 and 1991. ‘I gained a whole new audience thanks to Peel,’ said Cutler. ‘Much to the amazement of my older fans, who find themselves among 16-to-35s in theatres, and wonder where they come from.’ – Keeping It Peel