What will Trump now do? He’ll do this.

By Michael Stevenson | The Hobbledehoy

What will Donald Trump do now? 

That’s an easy one. He will do what he’s always done – grift.

Trump will con millions from suckers who believe his lies. He now has a brand new reality game show – “Trump 2024” – which he will use to to play Republican marks for the next four years while lining his pockets. He’s expert at thievery, but this con is actually easy. His marks are dumber and mostly wealthier than anybody who paid tuition for Trump University. They’ve already sent him nearly $175 million to “stop the steal” (how’s that for irony?)

No – Trump won’t run for president again, but like in any tawdry reality show, he won’t reveal THAT until the end. He’ll have an excuse all worked-out in advance: He’s discovered the 2024 election is rigged! He’s doing important espionage work on Kamala Harris that requires him to drop-out of the race! Maybe he will schtup another pornstar, and then blame the media that he’s exiting the race to protect his family. He’ll have succeeded in what he really wanted – to steal people’s money simply by acting like a big shot. And it was sooo easy.

And you know what he’ll do on Wednesday, November 6, 2024 after the Democrats have won re-election? He will announce he is running in 2028 and THIS time, he really means it!