Final voting count: Biden, 81 million; the ass below, 74 million

Q. How did 74 million Americans get suckered by this ass?

GasLit Nation: Traitors and Patriots


Happy New Year, everyone — the hellscape of 2020 is finally over and we’ve got a whole new hellscape to explore! We take stock of Trump’s ongoing coup attempt and his recorded shakedown efforts against Georgia Republican officials, the prospect of violence as the GOP Sedition Caucus and the Proud Boys try to destroy democracy from within, the Trump admin’s plans to use Iran for a planned “national emergency” to illegally extend Trump’s power, the ongoing massive Russian cyberattack and much, much more!

Audio: Trump’s phone call to coerce Georgia’s Secretary of State “to find 11,780 votes” to overturn the election

In a one-hour phone call on Saturday, Jan. 2, 2021 with Georgia election officials, President Trump insisted he won the state and threatened vague legal consequences if the officials did not act. This audio has been edited to remove the name of an individual about whom the president makes unsubstantiated allegations.
[Source: Washington Post]

How Democrats Can Stop Trump’s Transition Sabotage

Trump Crime Family

Democrats must use the omnibus spending bill to stop the worst of Trump’s actions and make the Georgia Senate races a referendum on his corruption.

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Donald Trump’s attempted coup shouldn’t draw attention away from his administration’s day-to-day corruption. His post-election firing of federal officials who have contradicted him and installation of unqualified loyalists shows that Trump will try to salvage the loss with internal sabotage of the incoming administration. With less than two months to go, things will only get worse, unless Democrats use the upcoming spending negotiations to stop him.

The government’s funding is set to expire on December 11. A package to fund the government needs to pass to keep the lights on and business running as usual. Early indications are that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will allow a clean “omnibus” funding package, which would last through next September, to pass. This approach will be lauded as responsible, avoiding a government shutdown now or early in Joe Biden’s administration. It’s actually a betrayal of the American people’s rejection of Trump at the polls in November. Continue reading