GasLit Nation: Laboratories of Autocracy

October 7, 2022


Hey remember when Trump stole a bunch of classified documents related to nuclear material and stored them in his Florida golf compound and the legal pundits said “he can’t do that” and Trump summoned the ghost of Roy Cohn who said “it doesn’t matter what the law is, only who the judge is” and a Trump-appointed judge ruled in favor of Trump and then another throwback from Trump’s mafia glory days in NYC was appointed “Special Master”?

David Pepper has witnessed Ohio devolve into an electoral autocracy where extreme Republican gerrymandering ensures that the results of the state elections are pre-determined. This is happening across the country in so-called red states, which are in reality voter suppression states or Republican hostage states. Pepper explains how we got here, what can still be done about it, and his list of reasons and strategies to fight like hell. For more on Pepper’s work, check out his book Laboratories of Autocracy: A Wake-Up Call from Behind the Lines and his website

One thought on “GasLit Nation: Laboratories of Autocracy

  1. There seems to be absolutely zero good news coming from down there in America.
    I’ll simply say what many of my fellow Canadians have often said:
    Gilead, or the Republican party’s best efforts at same, seems a likely, and most unsavoury, future. I can’t be the only person who is convinced that America is sleep-walking into the next Trump presidency.

    Most would agree that home is home and things could be worse Psssst! But faith in the righteous American Left is routinely bludgeoned by the faithless (sic) self-righteous American Right. We have room up here in Canada. True, we are not without our rightist thugs and our so-called “Freedom” convoys. But the balance (Alberta notwithstanding) is still looking good.

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