Breabach “My Light Shines On”

Breabach hail from the Scottish Highlands and Islands, uniting musical traditions from their home and further afield. The band is made up of Megan Henderson (fiddle, vocals), James Lindsay (double bass, vocals), Calum MacCrimmon (bagpipes, whistle, bouzouki, vocals), Conal McDonagh (bagpipes, whistle) and Ewan Robertson (guitar, vocals, cajon). Together they perform traditional songs and modern tunes, with brand new compositions thrown into the mix by each of the multi-talented band members. Formed 15 years ago, they are celebrated as Highland folk legends, and this energetic performance for film confirms that reputation.

As a part of My Light Shines On, the Edinburgh International Festival has commissioned some of Scotland’s leading artists to create extraordinary works that audiences can enjoy from their own homes. In a tribute to the enduring spirit of our Festival City, they bring light and life to sites that must stay empty this year. These unique performances for film reflect on what it means to keep a hopeful light burning in dark times.

Thumbnail image © Mihaela Bodlovic

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