CatSong Festival 2020

A virtual festival celebrating the music of Yusuf / Cat Stevens.

“It’s great to see and hear these covers of my songs given new life. There’s no better honour for a songwriter than to have his songs performed by talented musicians with such love and sincerity.
Thank you.” – Yusuf / Cat Stevens 

00:00:00 Intro

00:00:40 Jack Johnson “Where Do The Children Play?”

00:03:18 HAIM “Hard Headed Woman”  

00:07:13 Brandon Boyd “Wild World”

00:10:39 Jason Kerrison, Andy & Yuli Lynch “Don’t Be Shy”

00:13:38 Feist “Trouble”

00:16:57 The Heartstrings Project “Miles From Nowhere”

00:20:31 Matt Sweeney and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy “But I Might Die Tonight”

00:22:25 Leoni Jane Kennedy “Longer Boats”

00:25:04 Passenger “Father and Son”

00:28:26 James Morrison “The Wind”

00:30:38 Imelda May “How Can I Tell You”

00:33:25 Vintage Trouble “The First Cut Is The Deepest”

00:37:14 The Bros. Landreth featuring Murray Pulver “Peace Train”

00:40:37 Ariel Posen “Mona Bone Jakon”

00:43:26 Cinzia & The Eclipse “Maybe You’re Right”

00:46:53 The Lucky 13s “Pop Star”

00:50:30 Eliane Correa & Fedzilla “O’ Caritas”

00:53:02 Matt Costa “If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out”

00:56:01 Dave Matthews “Father & Son”

00:59:39 Laughton Kora (with Dan Autunovich, Andy Keys, & Harlem McKenzie) “Sad Lisa”

01:02:45 Kwame Yeboah & Eric Appapoulay “Wild World”

01:07:53 Andy Allo “Into White”

01:12:03 Laura Sheeran “Lady D’Arbanville”

01:15:25 Hamza Namira “Don’t Be Shy”

01:18:37 Mary Spender “Oh Very Young”

01:20:58 James Tillman “Heaven / Where True Love Goes”

01:25:35 Felicity Urquhart “How Many Times”

01:29:41 Samba Dos Amigos featuring Mani Santos “Wild World”

01:33:09 Ron Sexsmith “Sad Lisa”

01:35:34 Charlie Austen “But I Might Die Tonight”

01:37:48 Alun & Becky Davies “Into White”

01:41:04 Mimi Naja “On The Road To Find Out”

01:45:27 Braison Cyrus “Father and Son”

01:48:22 Sen Morimoto “Tea For The Tillerman”

01:51:12 Parker Gispert “I Think I See The Light”

01:55:20 Mollie Marriott “The Hurt”

01:59:48 Erika “The Laughing Apple”

02:02:39 Mark Diamond “How Can I Tell You”

02:06:29 Sad13 “Trouble”

02:09:22 Moise with Eliott Roche “Miles From Nowhere” 

02:12:19 Noah Kahan “Lilywhite”

02:14:53 Ruby Waters & Debbie Bechamp “Morning Has Broken”

02:17:42 Outro

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