Remove your red MAGA cap and read these awesome presidential endorsements!

By Michael Stevenson, aka “Johnny Foreigner”


Who doesn’t love BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN?
A brilliant performer and writer, Bruce has musically chronicled the “runaway American dream” for nearly five decades. From 1972’s Greetings from Asbury Park to his new release Letter to You, Bruce has shown why he is known as “The Boss.” In the genre of American Rock ‘n Roll, he clearly is that.

And “The Boss” really hates “The Donald.” Infact, The Boss wants him fired.

”There’s no art in this White House. There’s no literature, no poetry, no music. There are no pets in this White House. No loyal man’s best friend, no Socks the family cat. There are no images of the first family enjoying themselves together in a moment of relaxation: no Obamas on the beach in Hawaii moments, or the Bushes fishing in Kennebunkport, no Reagans on horseback, no Kennedys playing touch football on the Cape. Where’d that country go? Where did all the fun, the joy and the expression of love and happiness go? We used to have a president who calmed and soothed a nation, instead of dividing it. We are now rudderless and joyless. We have lost the cultural aspects of society that have always made America great. We have lost our mojo, our fun, our happiness, our cheering on of others— the shared experience of humanity that makes it all worth it. We need to reclaim that country once again.”
-Bruce Springsteen (10/30/2020, SiriusXM)

Not only does Bruce endorse Joe Biden, but Biden once somewhat-jokingly endorsed Bruce! “The middle class would have the best chance with Bruce Springsteen as president,” Biden said in a 2016 interview. “He understands issues facing working Americans.”

Wow! That’s probably just how Trump feels about Ted Nugent.

TED NUGENT has none of Springsteen’s compassion, honesty, or artistic talent. As well as performing music, Nugent serves on the Board of Directors of the NRA. “I own many guns,” he says proudly. “I carry many guns. I shoot many guns. I fondle many guns. I caress many guns. I worship many guns.”

Mmmm …OK.

Nugent once had some disgusting words for the father of a gun violence victim at one of his rock concerts, calling the grieving dad a “piece of s–t” and a “dumb f–k.”

An unapologetic racist, Nugent once called President Obama a “subhuman mongrel.”

Like Donald Trump, Nugent was a draft dodger. In interviews, he has boasted about “defecating and urinating in his pants” at the draft board office to avoid service to his country. The con-job was a success, though probably a bit messier than faking bone spurs.

One of Nugent’s songs is entitled “Jailbait.” Here’s the lyrics:

“Well, I don’t care if you’re just 13
You look too good to be true
I just know that you’re probably clean…
Jailbait you look fine, fine, fine…
It’s quite alright, I asked your mama
Wait a minute, officer
Don’t put those handcuffs on me
Put them on her, and I’ll share her with you.”

Nugent has played his music at many official Republican events and Trump rallies, and was even invited to the White House. Imagine that.

Oh yes – as well as being a degenerate, his records also really suck.


I must admit, I stopped watching pro wresting since my hero, the legendary George “The Animal” Steele retired in 1990, but I’ve long admired Dwayne Johnson, aka “The Rock.” He was a WWF champion and wisely moved on from the steroid-rotten WWE to become a very successful TV-Film actor. “The Rock” recently said, “I’ve voted for both parties in the past. In this critical presidential election, I’m endorsing Joe Biden.” I bet George “the Animal” Steele chewed-up a padded turnbuckle in heaven to celebrate “The Rock’s” endorsement. Bravo!

In 2018, WWE chairman VINCE MCMAHON had a net worth reaching nearly $4 billion. Thank the Lord for illegal steroids, eh Vince? Trump is a longtime friend of McMahon, and once famously shaved McMahon’s head in stunt at WrestleMania event. Think anyone every paid a buck to watch Dwight Eisenhower shave somebody else’s head – or even his own? Nah.

In 2016, Trump nominated McMahon’s wife Linda to head his Small Business Admin. Linda has since stepped down from that post to work full-time on Trump’s reelection.

In 1992 WWE referee Rita Chatterton, accused husband Vince McMahon of rape.

Dozens of pro wrestlers have died, many from suicide, due to steroid abuse. Steroids is what made McMahon’s WWE a financial juggernaut.

Vince McMahon is a shameless parasite.


The distinguished Holy Cross graduate DR. ANTHONY FAUCI is the most trusted medical professional in America, and with good reason.

When asked recently who the public can trust during the pandemic, Fauci said Americans “can trust respected medical authorities who have a track record of giving information and policy and recommendations based on scientific evidence and good data.” Seems easy enough, right?
Yet that same day as Fauci’s statement on trust, Twitter removed a tweet from Trump’s Covid task force that “sought to undermine the importance of face masks because it was in violation of the platform’s Covid-19 Misleading Information Policy.” Phew!

Meanwhile, Trump’s other favorite Covid doctor, Dr. STELLA GRACE IMMANUEL promoted hydroxychloroquine as a Covid miracle cure. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Ingesting hydroxychloroquine is extremely dangerous. DO NOT DO THIS)

Dr. Immanuel also alleges space alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. Hell, I don’t need a vaccine to skip church on Sunday, doc!

Dr. Immanuel was recently sued for medical malpractice over the death of one of her patients. “You don’t need masks.” She claimed. “There is a cure.”

Her dead patient no longer needs a mask, that’s for certain.

** CHEERS **

I still love watching reruns of “Cheers” and that show’s star TED DANSON continues to have a cracking career where “everybody knows his name.”(Check out Danson in both “The Good Place” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”) The same cannot be said for former co-star KIRSTIE ALLEY, who made a short tv comeback in 2005’s “Fat Actress.” Alley endorsed President Trump for a second term, because “he’s not a politician.” An avowed Scientologist, Kirstie illustrates just how easy it is to go from one cult to another.
On “Cheers”, I always preferred Shelly Long’s Diane” to Alley’s “Rebecca”. Who wouldn’t? Ted Danson of course, is a Biden guy through-and-through.

** RAP **

I know next to nothing about Rap Music, however I respect the fact it holds an important place in American culture. The one rapper I’ve actually heard an entire song from (do we call them ‘songs’?) is EMINEM. He’s probably considered very old hat by now – but he was a VERY big deal in the 1990s. Eminem continuously trolls Trump for his racism, cruelty, stupidity, and especially for the lack of gun control reform. Eminem even says that Trump supporters cannot be his fans. So there!

Eminem’s lyrics are often vulgar and misoginistic, but hell – he’s a rapper, whaddayawant?

A more current rapper is LIL PUMP. He not only endorses Donald Trump, but really gives it to Joe Biden in one of his dumb-and-ugly video messages:
“All I gotta say is Trump 2020 (expeletive). (Expletive) I look like paying 33 in taxes for Biden. (Expletive) sleepy Joe.”
Not exactly Cole Porter, but message received Lil Pump!

Lil Pump is from Miami. I wonder if he knows Little Marco?

** COMEDY **

Comedy Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus just might be America’s favorite comedienne. The “Veep” and “Seinfeld” star hosted this year’s DNC and destroyed the Trump Crime Family with flawless comedic deliveries: “Just remember: Joe Biden goes to church so regularly that he does not even need tear gas and a bunch of federalized troops to help him get there.” I so love Julia.

Then there’s Trump supporter ROSEANNE BARR. ABC promptly canceled her recent “Roseanne” show-reboot after she attacked former White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, a woman of color, by comparing her to an ape.
Remember when Roseanne infamously screeched the national anthem before a Padres baseball game? It was “a national disgrace,” said opera star Robert Merrill, who had sung the anthem in New York’s Yankee Stadium for 18 years. “It was to me like burning of the flag.” Some war veterans at the stadium that day were said to be actually crying. When Roseanne finished the anthem, she rose her middle finger to the booing crowd.

Roseanne: Proud Republican. Proud Trump supporter.


Bill Russell was my very first hero and his biography was the first book I ever read. I’m pretty sure he’s the only basketball player to win an NCAA championship, and Olympic Gold Medal, AND an NBA championship (11 of these for gawdsake!). Russell is dignified, always intelligent, very funny and deeply political still at age 86. The great Bill Russell calls Trump essentially “a coward.” He’s endorsing Biden.

Then of course there is BOBBY KNIGHT, former coach for the Indiana Hoosiers. In 2016, Knight said that he believed Trump would become “one of the four great presidents of the United States.” An impeccable judge of talent (note sarcasm), Knight was the coach that actually allowed Larry Bird to transfer out of his Indiana basketball program as a freshman. Knight was also the coach who cut Charles Barkley from the ’84 Olympic squad. Like Trump, Knight is essentially loudmouth jerk and narcissistic bully. He was fired from Indiana University in 2000 for harassing staff and students. I’ve aways hated him. He’s pathetic,


Boy, do Red Sox fans miss PEDRO MARTINEZ these days! Pedro was not only the greatest pitcher in Red Sox history – he was his best during steroid-fueled era! Pitching aside, Pedro was soooo refreshing and hilarious in the clubhouse and front of the camera. Remember when Pedro had his teammates duck tape him head-to-toe in the dugout during a game for the NESN TV cameras? Today’s MLB stars are dreadfully tedious – without question the worst interviews of any of the major sports. Baseball needs more Pedros.

During Trump’s years in office, Pedro has donated and raised millions for victims of Hurricanes Maria and Irma in Puerto Rico. “To me, it’s a blessing to be able to give back a little bit. I think it’s rewarding because of the opportunity I got through baseball, I’m able to give back a little bit,” said Martinez. Visiting the island after the catastrophe, Pedro never once thought to throw paper towels at the traumatized people. I wonder why?

“Giving back a little bit” is something blowhard CURT SCHILLING was forced to do to Rhode Island taxpayers after the former Red Sox pitcher defaulted on loans and (like Trump) slithered into bankruptcy court in the infamous 38 Studios scandal.

The whole sleazy financial affair was so very … well, Trump-like! It is no wonder Schilling endorses the current president as Schilling ran 38 Studios much like the president did with his Trump University and Trump Airlines. Grifters unite!

ESPN fired Schilling from his analyst job in 2016, after he shared a hateful post about transgender people on Facebook.

Curt Schilling collects Nazi war memorabilia. Really – just ask the hypocrite blowhard and he will talk about it.

[Get the facts about Curt Schilling and the 38 Studio scandal HERE ]


The beautiful and courageous Catholic POPE FRANCIS recently attacked unfettered capitalism as “a new tyranny.” His recent writings are seen as a pointed rebuke to Donald Trump in a number of areas, including immigration, systemized racism, and climate change denial.
The Pope even criticized Covid response: “I saw the cruelty and inequity of our society exposed more vividly than ever before.”

And how about this one: “A person who thinks only of building walls and not building bridges is not Christian.” Who is he talking about here – Hunter Biden or Hillary?

Now, Francis’ interpretation of Jesus Christ’s message is NOT shared by REV. JERRY FALWELL JR. This fundamentalist Christian chawmouth and loyal Trumpist was recently fired from his billion dollar cashew Liberty University. Seems Falwell was having a sexual affair involving him, his wife and a pool boy. Mainly, Falwell liked to watch (and not the TV, Chauncy Gardner fans).

Falwell is mainly just another wealthy con man. If he ever had to really work for an honest day’s pay – he’d be totally lost and completely broke.
Just like DonaldTrump.


Businessman MARK CUBAN, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and whose net worth Forbes estimates to be $4.3 billion, said he believes in Joe Biden for President “one hundred percent.”

Of Trump he says, “Personally I don’t have a problem with the guy, but professionally, and as the president, I think he’s an idiot.”

Cuban joined NBA players kneeling during the national anthem to express solidarity in the Black Lives Matter movement.

Billionaire casino mogul SHELDON ADELSON and his physician wife, Miriam, poured a whopping $75 million into a super PAC to reelect Trump.

Adelson refuses to kneel during the national anthem protests because, well, … he can’t kneel. As a somewhat younger guy, Adelson probably DID kneel in front of Chinese mob boss Cheung Chi Tai, who was said to be “actively involved” in running one of Adelson’s VIP rooms at the Sands Macau.

Adelson’s mob-ties revelations came to light after his CEO Steven Jacobs testified in federal court, or as Adelson put it, went “squealing like a pig to the government.” (Actual quote).

Could there possibly be anything more sleazy than the casino business and the people who run them?

:: STAGE ::

And speaking of casinos, Trump supporter WAYNE NEWTON has seen quite a few! Newton has played on Las Vegas stages since the 1950s.

Newton is known by the nicknames “The Midnight Idol”, “Mr. Las Vegas” and “Mr. Entertainment”. From the recent pictures I’ve seen of Wayne, I’d add “Mr. Nip-n-Tuck” to that list.

Why is he voting for Trump?
“Number one, he tells the truth,” says Newton. “Number two, he’s been where most of these guys want to be, in terms of riding on his own plane. He doesn’t have to worry about what hotels he stays in…so on and so forth.”

Watch where you step Wayne – your “number one” sounds alot like a #2.

I will give Wayne Newton this: His recording of “Danke Schoen” is one of the greatest records ever. Thanks for that gem, Wayne. But you are delusional if you think Donald trump tells the truth. Auf wiedersehen, big guy!

Far from the casino stages in the Las Vegas Strip are the Broadway stages in New York, and the biggest show in the past decade has no doubt been the musical “Hamilton.”

A Pulitzer Prize, Grammy, Emmy, Tony Award-winning composer, lyricist, and actor, LIN-MANUEL MIRANDA is the show’s creator and original star and Miranda REALLY hates Donald Trump.

“Our current president lies as easy as you and I breathe air. Every day, all day, reflexively.”

Miranda is enthusiastic in his support of Joe Biden. “He can help unify the country.” I agree.


Award-Winning pop singer TAYLOR SWIFT also despises Donald Trump:
“After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’???” Taylor Swift tweeted to her 86 million followers.

KANYE WEST – the Rap star who famously stormed the stage at the VMAs and grabbed Taylor’s award (class act that he is) had show support for Trump before he decided to run on his own for the presidency. He even wore the red MAGA hat! But his support is now apparently wavering. About Kanye, Trump now says, “He is a person that I get along with very well. At the end I think he would support us over anyone else.”

Umm, Kanye is kinda nuts.

:: R.I. BORN ::

It is really remarkable that Oscar-winning actors VIOLA DAVIS and JAMES WOODS were both born and raised in the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island which also happens to be my place of birth! . Both Woods and Davis are truly great acting talents. One however, is a beautiful person as well. The other? Not so much.

After thanking The Academy for her 2017 Oscar, Viola Davis delivered an emotional Oscar speech which resulted in a teary eyed audience. Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel joked, “Viola Davis – she just got nominated for an Emmy for that speech – it was so good.” Find her speech on YouTube. It’s so beautifully moving it will make you cry.

Viola is supporting Biden.

JAMES WOODS graduated from the same high school as I did, Pilgrim High School in Warwick, R.I. It was I, not Mr. Woods who was the 1976 “Ropes Champion” in Pilgrim gym class. Always remember that. But I digress…

James Woods loves Donald Trump. “I’ve never witnessed such hatred for a man who is willing to work for free to make his beloved country a better place.” Woods wrote.

Frequently called out for hate speech and for being homophobic, Woods says he has “more gay friends than Liberace.”

Timeout. Liberace was gay ???

:: Country ::

WILLIE NELSON – my favorite living C&W performer – strongly criticized the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy toward separation of immigrant families. Willie even invited Trump to take a trip with him to the U.S.-Mexico border to “better understand what’s happening down there.”

I so love Willie Nelson. If I do nothing else important in 2021, I plan to see him perform one more time.

Country singer Trace Adkins says he’s a descendant of Confederate soldiers and says he did not intend offense by wearing the Confederate flag when performing his lousy hat-act songs onstage. Trace supports Donald Trump.

Since the Civil War, African Americans have looked at the confederate battle flag and rightly seen its role in a long, persistent history of slavery, segregation, and racial oppression.

All hat and no cowboy, Trace.


I was never really a fan of this popular 70s-era TV show, but I’ve always liked RON HOWARD, from his singing “Gary Indiana” in “Music Man;”his role as Opie in Andy of Mayberry, and his films – particularly the brilliant “Parenthood” and “Apollo 13”. Ron Howard calls Donald Trump a “self serving gas bag.” Aunt Bea a would agree, I think, but apparently not “Chachi.”

I don’t know much about actor SCOTT BAIO who played the character named “Chachi” towards the end of “Happy Days” run, shortly before the Fonzi jumped the shark. “I like Trump because he talks like a guy,” Baio has said.


The cast of “Happy Days” reunited recently for a virtual fundraiser for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Baio did not participate.

I’ve never seen Scott’s acting, but I’ve caught a few seconds of him blathering conservative nonsense on Fox News. In his preferred “guy talk” lexicon – I’d call him a “real cunt.”

:: Gulianis”

Caroline Rose Giuliani, daughter of Rudy, says Trump “has this echo chamber of lies around him.” She continues:

“As a child, I saw firsthand the kind of cruel, selfish politics that Donald Trump has now inflicted on our country. It made me want to run as far away from them as possible. …There is hope on the horizon, but we’ll only grasp it if we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

I like Caroline but I don’t think much of her dad RUDY GIULIANI. However I must say Rudy was fantastic in the recent movie “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.”

:: HORROR ::

Who doesn’t love a great horror story or movie this time of year. The genre’s true giant is STEPHEN KING who has published 86 novels and been the creator of dozens of classic horror movies. King comes from Maine and he says “If Trump was a Maine guy in my little town, we’d say, “What a dink.”

King describes the 2020 election this way: “You’ve got a decent man vs. a hulking, loudmouth bully with no specific plans on anything.”

And speaking of horror – what the hell was the deal with KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE keynote speech at the Republican Convention? The former Fox News personality and current girlfriend to Donald Trump Jr. was…well, REALLY scary!

One reviewer said, “There will be movies made attempting to recreate the level of mania during the Trump era and no actress will ever, ever be able to capture the level of sheer frenzy we just witnessed by Kimberly Guilfoyle.”

Also scary are the claims of her her former assistant, alleging in court that she “was frequently required to work at Guilfoyle’s New York apartment while the Fox host displayed herself naked, and was shown photographs of the genitalia of men with whom Guilfoyle had had sexual relations.”


:: TYSONS ::

Astrophysicist NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON does not respect Donald Trump – especially for Trump’s budget cuts to Education, Science and the Arts

“The fastest way to “Make America Stupid” is to cut funds to programs that support education,” Tyson has said. “The fastest way to thwart Earth’s life-support systems for us all: Turn EPA into EDA — the Environmental Destruction Agency.”

“We all want to Make America Great Again. But that won’t happen until we first Make America Smart Again,” he added.

Former heavyweight boxing champion MIKE TYSON is a longtime friend and supporter of Donald Trump.

“There is an unsettling air about Tyson, wrote the novelist Joyce Carol Oates, “…that the violence he unleashes against his opponents is somehow just – that some hurt, some wound, some insult in his past, personal or ancestral, will be redressed in the ring. The single-mindedness of his style works to suggest that his grievance has the force of a national catastrophe.”

Who else does might that describe?


The 90-year-old investing legend WARREN BUFFET, who is worth about $75 billion, has been pretty quiet about the upcoming election. But he did tip his hand when he recently said “I voted for Hillary. I was disappointed when she lost.”

Buffet has advocated a tax plan would apply a minimum tax rate of 30 percent on people making more than one million dollars a year (which would directly affect only 0.3 percent of taxpayers). It’s pretty clear he’s a Biden-Harris voter.

He also wrote the popular song “Wasting Away in Margaritaville” I am told, though I personally don’t know the tune.

Investor JORDAN BELFORT was portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the 2013 film “Wolf of Wall Street.” Following The Wolf’s release from prison (he was sentenced to 4 years for – what else? – securities fraud) Belfort began his new career as “motivational speaker” – most likely motivating thousands of Americans who dream of conning thousands of other Americans.

Belfort says he will vote for President Trump because of “Trump’s policy of less government.” The U.S. national debt has ballooned under the Trump administration, increasing by nearly $7 trillion in less than four years.

:: TECH ::

Microsoft founder BILL GATES is now best known for his nonprofit work tackling complex global health challenges, such as with Covid-19. Gates recently said, “Most governments take advantage of their scientists and listen to them. They don’t undermine them and attack them.”

Gates is obviously not supporting Trump in his bid reelection. However, the “My Pillow Guy” IS supporting Trump.

“Boy, do you sell those pillows!” Trump said to MIKE LINDELL, CEO of the MyPillow empire, when he was recently invited to the Trump White House.

Lindell rose from a crack cocaine addict to the multimillionaire inventor of MyPillow.

What is the technology behind Lindell’s super pillow? It is the special Polyurethane squishy foam which is said to be very, very comfy. Unfortunately, MyPillow’s foam is also said to leach harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde and benzene.

I’ll stick with a late night hot toddy and two cheap pillows, thank you. Actually, let’s make that two hot toddies and three cheap pillows. But absolutely no crack cocaine, thank you!


Famed puppeteer FRANK OZ is the voice of the Muppets’ Bert, Miss Piggy, Grover, and Animal. For this reason alone – Who doesn’t love Frank Oz? I’ll give you one more reason to love him: Oz hates Trump.

“In my opinion we need to realize that Donald Trump is now legitimately mentally ill, ” Oz has said. (I wonder if he was using his “Grover” or “Animal” voice at the time?)

Oz is also original voice of Star Wars’ “Yoda,” though it is believed onetime Republican darling Sarah Palin is the individual who invented Yoda’s unique speech pattern. (Yoda speaks object-subject-verb, I.e. “Much to grab, your hand for pussy has.”)

As great the wizardry of Oz is, Russian President VLADIMER PUTIN has shown himself to be the Greatest puppeteer in the entire world. Witness Donald Trump.

Intelligence officials warned House lawmakers last week that Russia is again interfering in the presidential campaign, to try to get President Trump re-elected.

“Putin’s Puppet is at it again,” said Hilary Clinton just the other day. “Trump knows he can’t win without it.”

Yeah, but what about your emails, Hillary ….hmmmm?

:: PUNK.::

BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG , leader of the post-punk band “Green Day” says of Trump: “This man is sick and unfit for office. I don’t care if you’re liberal or conservative. This has to stop.”

Somebody cue the toothless Mississippi delta Trump voter: “Billy Joe never had a lick of sense; pass the biscuits, please”

I liked Green Day a wee bit, but I really LOVED the seminal ’70s punk band the Sex Pistols. For one brief shining moment, they were the real deal. Well, for just one album, in truth. But that was forever ago.

John Lyden, aka JOHNNY ROTTEN calls Trump “the only sensible choice” in the 2020 election. And Biden? “He’s incapable of being the man at the helm.”

Infact, in an NPR interview, Lydon called Trump “absolutely magnificent.” Of course, Lydon was the man at the helm who sang, “I am an anti-Christ.”

So maybe he … is? In any event, “No future for you,” Johnny!


RON REAGAN, the son of former President Ronald Reagan, says his father would have been “embarrassed and ashamed” of Trump’s presidency. “The Republican Party … is a bunch of sycophantic traitors mouthing Kremlin propaganda to defend this squalid little man who is occupying the White House.”

Wow! I can almost hear Ronnie’s dad, “Welllll, there you go again …”

HANK WILLIAMS JR. Basically fell in love with Trump because they both share a kindred hatred for President Barack Obama. Hank once said: “We’ve got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the United States of America! And we hate him!”

I always wished Obama quickly countered with the standard joke, “Hey! I don’t hate farming!”

I prefer Hank Sr.’s lyrics:

“If you’re meant for me like I’m meant for you
Baby, we fit like a glove
If you’re lovin’ me like i’m lovin’ you
Baby, we’re really in love.”

Yessum – ‘Ol Hank Sr. was definitely singing about President Barrack Obama. Take that, Bocephus!

:: PHARMA ::

KENNETH C. FRAZIER, the chief executive of the pharmaceuticals company Merck, served on one of Trump’s business advisory councils in the early days of the administration. Frazier resigned after the white nationalist violence two years ago in Charlottesville and Trump’s tacit endorsement of the racist mob.

“With the young woman being killed, and others being run down by a person who was sympathetic to people who held views that I consider personally noxious,” Frazier said. “And then I heard the president’s response. I feel a responsibility to take a stand against intolerance and extremism.”

Good man, Kenneth.

MARTIN SHKRELI , also known online as “Pharma Bro“, is a former hedge fund manager and convicted felon. He was founder and former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals. “Pharma Bro” was the dude who hiked by 5,000 percent the price of Daraprim, a drug used to treat severe infections in AIDS patients and infants.

He’s such an evil scumbag, even Donald Trump was repulsed, calling him a “disgrace” and a “spoiled brat”.

Despite Trump’s scolding, Phrama Bro supports Trump, calling him “a dream for business people like me. I think Trump’s going to make Pharma great again.”

He ain’t heavy, he’s my Pharma Bro.


One of the world’s best loved actress is EMMA THOMPSON and Emma loves a glass of beer. Remember Emma’s famous crying scene in “Love Actually”? Her director may have brought out the tears by telling the actress that the film crew ran-out of Guinness Stout.

Another great thing about the adorable Emma: She once dissed Donald Trump when he tried to date her.

“I picked it up and .. Donald Trump was on the other end of the phone going, ‘Hi, it’s Donald Trump here,’ I said, ‘Oh, fuck off.’”

Unlike Emma Thompson, Supreme Court Justice BRETT KAVANAUGH loves beer and loves Trump.

Throughout his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 2018, Kavanaugh discussed beer far more than most prospective Supreme Court Justices do. Also, he offered much more discussion about being involved in a sexual assault than most nominees.

“I drank beer with my friends,” Kavanugh said at the Senate Hearing. “Almost everyone did. Sometimes I had too many beers. Sometimes others did. I liked beer. I still like beer, but I did not drink beer to the point of blacking out and I never sexually assaulted anyone.””

“I like beer,” Kavanaugh added again. “I don’t know if you do. Do you like beer, Senator, or not?”

As a Supreme Court Justice, Kavanaugh recently wrote “If the apparent (presidential election) winner the morning after the election ends up losing due to late-arriving ballots, charges of a rigged election could explode.”

Yep! Trump’s buying the first round, Brett!

:: POP ART ::

One of the best known and most influential street artists, SHEPARD FAIREY is the guy who created the 2008 poster of Barack Obama bearing the phrase “Hope”. Fairey is an outspoken Trump critic. “A vote for Trump is a vote to accelerate the destruction of our forest, oceans, deserts and every other natural environment and ecosystem. To me, Trump is a crystallization of all of the ignorant and destructive qualities of humankind.” So true.

Fairey, graduate of Rhode Island School of Design, has not only pissed-off Trump, but also the infamously crooked Providence mayor Buddy Cianci. Read about the infamous “Cianci-Andre the Giant” caper here: . You must read this. Obey.

I always been bewildered how the hilarious “Dilbert” comic strip is loved by the same CEOs the comic mercilessly insult in each strip. If they are hip enough to find Dilbert funny – then why do they continue to be the biz-speak assholes they are? And now, I am equally puzzled that the comic’s artist SCOTT RAYMOND ADAMS, has endorsed Donald Trump!

Adams said he felt ‘abused’ by Trump for failing to condemn white supremacists during the first presidential debate. “All he’d have to do is fix that. I mean how hard is that to fix it. Well apparently its pretty f—–g hard for him because he’s taken three years since Charlottesville, and he hasn’t fixed it yet” Adams said. “Easiest “f—–g thing he’d ever fix. I take it personally.”

In August 2017, Trump said there were “very fine people” on “both sides” and claimed “many sides” were responsible for deadly neo-Nazi violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

However, the Dilbert creator says STILL he’ll vote for him anyway. Wait … you feel “abused” by a guy who you admit is a “racist” and yet you plan to vote for him?

Where have you gone Charles Schultz? Our nation turns her lonely eyes to you. Boo hoo hoo.

:: NATO ::

Trump describes ANGELA MERKEL as “the person who is ruining Germany” – this after Time Magazine picked her as their “Person of the Year.”

The German leader’s reply to Trump’s disrespect was to say “it is always much, much better to talk to one another and not about one another”. However, she was said to be thinking in German “Ich habe Mist gebaut,” which roughly translates “He builds animal dung”

I love Angela Merkel. Wish she’d move here.

When Trump first arrived in London for a state visit, he was welcomed by huge protests and a giant helium balloon depicting him as a fat crying baby. Trump HATED that balloon!

Britain’s Prime Minister BORIS JOHNSON endorses Trump. “He’s the right man for the job. I’ve been saying that for a long time.” Johnson has called gay men ‘tank-topped bumboys’ and black people ‘piccaninnies’ with ‘watermelon smiles’.

Boris Johnson is British trailer trash and Brit trailers are even smaller than ours.

Who first wrote “Birds of a feather flock together”? Ok, I know Biden claimed he first wrote it, but he has later apologized for that.

Time to move on!

:: ACTOR ::

Way back in 2016, Oscar-winning actor ROBERT DENIRO went full Travis Bickle all over Donald Trump, calling him a “bozo”, “punk,” and “idiot” before saying he’d like to “punch him in the face.” DeNiro is an enthusiastic supporter of Joe Biden, who would also like to punch Trump in the face. (Hell yeah, me too! Line forms on the right… Please everyone!)

“You looking at me?” I love DeNiro.

Oscar-winning actor JON VOIGHT, who has appeared in classic movies such as “Midnight Cowboy,” “Deliverance.” “Conrack” and “Coming Home,” is a staunch conservative and rabid Trump supporter. “Biden is evil,” Voight says. “Trump must win. He will bring back the people’s trust. These leftists are not for the American people; it’s the biggest cover-up ever.”

Voight has also said Trump is “greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

“I don’t know what happened to Jon,” said actress and onetime friend Jane Fonda. “We were pretty close. He was my best friend among Hollywood people. He changed into an extreme right-winger, a ‘birther’ I guess. I didn’t know how to connect to him anymore. I don’t get it, and I don’t know why.”

Voight’s character Joe Buck explained it in “Midnight Cowboy”:
“Uh, well, sir, I ain’t a f’real cowboy.”

:: BIKERS ::

Probably the biggest celebrity motorcyclist is BRAD PITT. He owns 7 bikes including a “Ducati Desmosedici RR” which is just as impressive as saying you once were married to Angelina Jolie (And NOT because she’s Jon Voight’s daughter!)

Trump does not like Brad Pitt. “I was never a big fan of his. He’s a little wiseguy.” Well, little wiseguy Pitt is supporting Biden. Pitt narrated a campaign ad calling Biden “a president for all Americans.” Vroom-fucking-vroom.

Trump recently called upon his tattooed love boys, aka the “Bikers For Trump” to get on their hogs on election day.

“You know, the left plays a tough game,” Trump has said. “But I actually think that the people on the right are tougher.” Trump went on to brag that he not only has the military, the police, but a brigade of thousands of bikers to “get tough” on liberal guys like me when the time comes. “They go to a certain point, and then it would be … very bad, very bad,” Trump said.

I’ve heard this in nearly every mob movie: “Youse got a pretty nice house here. Be a shame if, yaknow … somethin’ happened to it.”

Better get your bone spurs checked again, tough guy. I’ll be waiting for you.

:: NASCAR ::

NASCAR driver BUBBA WALLACE led his the sport’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement and pushing for a ban on displays of Confederate flags at its events. He’s a Biden guy, of course.

KYLE LARSON, a six-time NASCAR Cup Series winner, was penalized by NASCAR after he used the n-word during a livestreamed virtual race. He’s a Trump guy, of course.


Teenage pop star and mega-influencer BILLIE EILISH performed at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, and endorses Joe Biden. “We need leaders who will solve problems like climate change and COVID, not deny them. Leaders who will fight against systemic racism and inequality.”

Greasy-haired old fart LOU DOBBS is a television commentator, opponent of immigration, conspiracy theorist, and a major geriatric-influencer. His show “Lou Dobbs Tonight” is seldom missed by Donald Trump.

Dobbs promoted the false conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Dobbs rejects the scientific consensus on climate change. He’s a first class asshole and has been since birth (this is my Lou Dobbs Asshole- Birther® theory.)

:: McCAIN ::

According to Meghan McCain, the late Sen. John McCain’s daughter, “It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist” to know who she is voting for in 2020. That’s Joe Biden.

“There’s one man who has made pain in my life a living hell and another man who has literally shepherded me through the grief process,” McCain said. “The Trumps? They’re always making my mom cry,” McCain said.

Meghan’s mom Cindy McCain, said she may never get over President Trump once saying her husband was not a war hero because he was a prisoner of war. “Never.”

We will never know for certain whether the TV show character LUCAS McCAIN, aka “The Rifleman,” would have voted for Trump or Biden. Lucas McCain was clearly on the side of ‘Law and Order’, and Jesus H. Christ, did Lucas love shooting off rifles, particularly his 1892 Winchester caliber .44-40 carbine with a standard 20-inch barrel!

For those reasons, it does seem Lucas McCain would have been a Trump guy.

However, there was a memorable episode of “The Rifleman” that co-starred the inimitable Sammy Davis Jr. as a gunslinger. Sammy was not only a Black man, but also a Jew. Any card-carrying white nationalist or racist would NOT have allowed Sammy on the set of “The Riflemen,” right?

This one is certainly debatable. I think perhaps Lucas McCain would’ve switched his endorsement from Trump to Biden at the very last minute, firing off a hundred-or-so shots from his rifle to properly announce his decision.

RIP Sammy and Chuck Connors. And where have you gone, Johnny “Mark McCain” Crawford?


Retired U.S. Army General PAUL EATON criticized President Trump for his disparaging comments about dead and wounded U.S. service members. Trump allegedly called U.S. service members buried in a French cemetery “losers.” The report also said Trump asked a military parade to exclude wounded veterans because “nobody wants to see” amputees.
“You have shown disrespect to the military on countless occasions,” Eaton said. “I am stunned that anybody in the United States military would consider you anything but a ‘loser’ or a ‘sucker.’ You’re no patriot.”

Eaton’s voting for Biden.

General WILLIAM LOONEY III signed an endorsement of Donald Trump that read “With the Democratic Party welcoming socialists and Marxists, our historic way of life is at stake.”

Sounds pretty looney there, General Looney. (Or does the general pronounce his name “Lew- NAY’?) I think I would.

:: YOUTH ::

Trump publicly mocked teen climate crisis activist GRETA THUNBERG, tweeting that the 16-year-old Swede who has inspired the entire world, has “anger management” issues.

Actually, those in-the-know said the guy with the anger issue was actually Trump. He was reportedly furious when Thunberg was named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, thinking he would win the honor. “So ridiculous!” he spat-out on Twitter.

Joe Biden said at the time, “What kind of president bullies a teenager?”


The ANGRY TRUMP KID was featured on the cover of many newspapers and magazines, wearing his red MAGA hat and imitating the hate-filled scowl of his hero. I actually feel sorry for the kid, for the reasons so perfectly explained in Oscar Hammerstein’s famous song from “South Pacific”:

“You’ve got to be taught
Before it’s too late
Before you are six
Or seven
Or eight
To hate all the people
Your relatives hate
You’ve got to
Be carefully taught”

:: DUKE ::

The PATTY DUKE Mental Health Initiative, is dedicated to continuing support of mental health programs. It is named after the actress who “became a voice for the voiceless, a reassuring presence for the scared, the intimidated and the lost. She was a healer of many souls and a champion for so many in need.”

Patty was the first celebrity to make her struggle with bipolar disorder public.

While Trump has attempted to link mass shootings to mental health issues, he has simultaneously proposed budgets that would strip hundreds of billions from Medicaid. Medicaid is the most critical part of any conversation about mental health care.

I always loved Patty Duke and she was no fan of Trump. She actually died on March 29, 2016 – the very same day Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was charged for battery on a female reporter.

The theme song of the Patty Duke Show included the hilariously odd lyric, “Patty likes to rock n’ roll; a hot dog makes her lose control…”

A hot dog also makes Trump lose control – bowel control, that is, according to a “leaked” White House document. Phew!

DAVID DUKE, one of the US’s most notorious racist extremists, has reiterated his support for Donald Trump’s re-election campaign and suggested the president replace his current vice president, Mike Pence, with Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Hey, why the hell not?

Duke is a renowned neo-Nazi, anti-semite and white supremacist. He founded a Ku Klux Klan chapter in the early 1970s. More pond scum. It’s endless, isn’t it?


The Washington Post wrote recently, “VALERIE BIDEN OWENS has not only been deeply entwined in her brother Joe’s life but has been fundamental in building his political career.”

The profile on Joe’s sister continued: “When Joe had a debilitating stutter, Valerie helped him overcome it. When he ran for high school class president, she directed the effort. And she has run Biden’s campaigns ever since — for county councilman, U.S. senator and his first two bids for president.”

“She has not only believed in me,” say Joe of his sister, “she has helped me believe in myself.”

How very beautiful.

Trump’s sister, MARYANN TRUMP BARRY, is heard criticizing her brother Donald in a secret tape recording, saying her brother Donald “has no principles.”

“And he’s as tight as a duck’s ass. Just like dad was, really,”

How very sad

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