New off-road cycle route links England and Scotland

The 800-mile “Great North Trail” goes between the Peak District and the far north coast of Scotland.

The Great North Trail links the Peak District to Scotland’s most northerly mainland points for the first time.

About 98% of the route is on existing off-road cycle routes, forest roads and low traffic minor roads.

The trail’s path through Scotland takes in picturesque areas such as the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, Loch Ness and Cape Wrath.

Cycling UK said it had developed the route, which only traverses about 16 miles of busier roads, in response to demand from cyclists for greater access to the countryside on routes largely away from traffic.

Duncan Dollimore, the organisation’s head of campaigns, said: “We’ve created the Great North Trail because we recognised very little has been done to promote national off-road trails.

“For example, plans to extend the Pennine Bridleway to Scotland were published 20 years ago, but still haven’t been implemented.

“And yet we know there is an appetite for more cycling access to the countryside as off-road trails can be ideal for families to ride safely, away from traffic and city pollution.” [ . . . ]

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