Welcome Donald Trump? We’d much rather it was President John McCain 

Even from beyond the grave, the late US Senator John McCain is helping to show up Donald Trump for who he really is.

The Scotsman would like to welcome the President of the United States of America ahead of next week’s state visit to the UK.

We’d like to, but cannot because the current holder of that exalted office is Donald Trump and, as we and others have pointed out before, he is a racist, a sexist and a serial liar, who is either a self-confessed, but unconvicted, sex criminal or one who thinks that falsely claiming he can sexually assault women with impunity is the way to impress the “locker room”.

The task of welcoming Trump to the UK falls to Theresa May and Queen Elizabeth; as Prime Minister and Head of State, it is their duty to do so, particularly given our need for a post-Brexit trade deal [ . . . ]

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