This Is the Kit, “By My Demon Eye (First Go)”

From the band’s acoustic ‘Moonshine First Goes’ EP, an appendix of last year’s ‘Moonshine Freeze.’

In 2017, This Is the Kit released Moonshine Freeze, a keen, intimate collection of minimal folk. Prior to the album sessions, songwriter Kate Stables, who helms the project, recorded four bare, acoustic versions of four Moonshine Freeze songs. Previously unheard, those four songs will soon be released as Moonshine First Goes, out March 30.

“It was a time of finishing off songs, working out arrangements and looking for drum patterns in preparation for burying ourselves in the studio to get the album recorded,” Stables says. “I like hearing these early versions again. It totally takes me back to that time and those places.. Formative times.”

Hear a beautiful, stripped-down version of “By My Demon Eye” below, reworked as “By My Demon Eye (First Go).”

Source: PASTE MAGAZINE Daily Dose: This Is the Kit, “By My Demon Eye (First Go)”

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