Beautiful harmonies from Rufous Nightjar

Listening to Rufous Nightjar and our Hobbledehoy ears hear echoes of The Fleetwoods and the Roche sisters – which is a splendid thing indeed! Rufous Nightjar is a three-part harmony trio consisting of Branwen Kavanagh, Anna Mieke and Zoe Basha. This lovely video is a product of the uber-talented Myles O’Reilly

Video Premiere: Lisa O’Neill “Goodnight World”


Ahead of her extensive tour, watch a stunning live performance of Goodnight World by Lisa O’Neill, captured by Myles O’Reilly, Donal Dineen and Daniel O’Neill.

Ahead of a series of tour dates taking in Edinburgh, Cardiff, London, Dublin, Derry, Belfast and lots more (see below), Lisa O’Neill has shared a live performance video for Goodnight World that was beautifully captured by Myles O’Reilly, Donal Dineen and Daniel O’Neill.

Goodnight World features on Lisa’s latest album, All Of This Is Chance. In his review of that album, Thomas Blake notes how this closing album track offers a small window of calm…

Somehow, the closing lullaby, ‘Goodnight World,’ has a differing impact to all that has gone before. Where the songs as a whole are submerged, overwhelmed almost, by the impossible weight of the universe and our unlikely existence within it, this song makes the world seem small again, emphasised by that tiny moon you see on the front cover, surrounded by an explosion of dandelion seed, sat perfectly and incalculably at the centre of it all. And so the focus is on a window of calm, a small break in the never-ending unanswerable and a switch of emphasis as she sings with mindful serenity, “goodnight moon and sunshine, everyone I love lies under you tonight”. It is an absolutely beautiful way to end this epic canyon of sense and sound in which Lisa O’Neill has crystallised her place in the world as a performing artist and created a timeless piece of work, wholly unbound by style or genre, a universal shot of medicinal magic from which we should all take understanding and move forward with open-eyed wonder for the world in which we live.

Myles O’Reilly: “The dream team. The opportunity to work with Donal, who all my life has been such a huge inspiration. His superior filming ethos, his stop animation, the visuals that he makes for music videos and for live performances. I have always been drawn to Donal’s dreamy aesthetic since his music TV show No Disco 1998. When I wasn’t doing my homework and looking at him instead..  and so to team up with Donal to film Lisa, who never fails to make my hair stand up with her honest beauty, was such a thrilling and rewarding experience.”

Source: Video Premiere: Lisa O’Neill – Goodnight World (Live)

This Ain’t No Disco to return at Christmas 

This Ain’t No Disco is back!

After a two-year hiatus, the online Irish alternative music programme This Ain’t No Disco returns for its highly anticipated second season this Christmas. TAND’s Patreon members will have exclusive access on December 22, and the show will go out on worldwide release on Christmas Day.

The new season will feature a cross-section of Ireland’s thriving music and spoken word scene, representing some of the most talented yet under-represented visionaries in Ireland today. This dynamic audio-visual showcase seeks to examine not only where the boundaries are being pushed today, but also where this music is rooted both historically and geographically.

Hosted by DJ (and former host of the cult 90’s TV program, No Disco) Donal Dineen, This Ain’t No Disco is voluntarily produced by a skeleton crew of friends and music enthusiasts, directed by music documentarian and award-winning cinematographer Myles O’Reilly.

Donal Dineen said, “There is an embarrassment of riches in Irish music at present, so Myles and I try to pick out strands of golden thread and stitch each episode together with due care. There is a collaboration of sorts at the heart of each edition.”

“For the new series,” he adds, “we plan to spread the net wider and dig deeper again, to unearth these stories. It’s just a snapshot of what’s happening. To map the whole rich tapestry would be impossible so we concentrate on important parts of the pattern as we see it and do our best to faithfully present that in the best light possible. For historical purposes alone, we feel it’s an important endeavour.”

The second season of This Ain’t No Disco will comprise of four 1-hour long episodes to be released quarterly over 2020 via Patreon, Facebook, and, with the first episode going out on worldwide release on Christmas Day.

Source: This Ain’t No Disco to return at Christmas | Hotpress

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