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Divorce drama The Split, cold case crime series Unforgotten, Spooks, Last Tango in Halifax and The River, how Nicola Walker became everyone’s favourite actorNicola Walker is unemployed. Not something you hear very often from a woman with an industrial work ethic who is currently one of the most employed actors on our screens and airwaves, having just wrapped the third series of ITV’s hit crime drama Unforgotten just as her hit BBC divorce drama The Split is recommissioned.

Yet “as of Friday afternoon last week, I’m unemployed,” confirms the Olivier award winning, Bafta nominated actor when we talk. “So I’ll be doing the school run and putting the correct sports gear in my son’s rucksack for a bit.” When she says ‘unemployed’, it’s more of a between jobs kind of thing, what the less industrious among us might regard as a well-deserved break. And Walker is pleased about the immediate work life balance for the next few weeks with her 11-year-old son Harry to look after while her actor husband Barnaby Kay appears in Home, I’m Darling, with Catherine Parkinson at The National Theatre in London. “It’s worked out very nicely. I finished and Barnaby’s got this play. If I had been still working we would have to juggle the basics, who’s going to pick our child up and things… So I’m happy doing that, but also looking forward to the next thing.” Walker talks quickly, then halts, then talks quickly again and in between you can almost hear the quick flash of her blinding smile down the phone as she modestly ascribes her success to “being lucky.” In fact she has worked consistently for the past two decades and her CV is prodigious [ . . . ]

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TRAILER: Nicola Walker new drama “The Split”

Even in America, it’s difficult to flip a few channels on the remote and not see Nicola Walker these days. PBS is currently rerunning the final season Last Tango in Halifax, while Masterpiece is featuring new episodes of Ms. Walker’s excellent police drama Unforgotten (Season 2). Netflix still offers the remarkable River, as well as Collateral – each with outstanding supporting performances from this actressLater this month, the Sundance Channel  is set to begin “the Split” with Ms. Walker in a starring role as a divorce lawyer. That begins May 23rd, mark you calendar.
– Johnny Foreigner

Stephen Mangan, Meera Syal, Anthony Head and Stephen Tompkinson also star in Abi Morgan’s new drama about a family of lawyers

It’s set to be one of this spring’s most talked about dramas, and now we’ve finally got a first look at BBC1 series The Split.

The all-star cast is led by Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Meera Syal, Stephen Tompkinson and Anthony Head.

Source: The Split BBC1 TRAILER: Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Anthony Head star in new Abi Morgan drama – Radio Times

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