That Netflix Show You Made Fun Of Is Actually The Loveliest Rom-Com On TV

Antonia Thomas always forgets that the show she stars in is about chlamydia. But now that it’s been a full season since Netflix christened the unfortunately named Scrotal Recall with the more apt title, Lovesick — Season 3 is out now — it’s hard to b…

More: That Netflix Show You Made Fun Of Is Actually The Loveliest Rom-Com On TV

Netflix’s Lovesick and TNT’s Good Behavior have been the best possible postelection escapist TV.

Along with half of the country, I took ill in early November with a particularly virulent case of despondence and malaise. For this ailment, well-tried cure-alls proved to be of little use. Sleeping—the deep, catatonic, blot-out-the-world kind—helped a little, if one could manage it. Chicken soup proved to be far less effective than pizza. Even the notorious sick-day treat of lying on the couch and watching television all day didn’t help.

We are still figuring out how best to live with this chronic illness, but in the meantime, I have discovered a temporary symptom alleviator that works for about an hour or two at a time: charming, nontragic romances. One such soother is Netflix’s Lovesick, formerly known as Scrotal Recall.  Despite its previous name’s suggestion that Continue reading

Johnny Flynn sings “Wayne Rooney”

Some know Johnny Flynn as the Chlamydia-challenged character  “Dylan” from the BBC (now Netflix) television series Lovesick (retitled from the hilarious Scrotal Recall) Flynn is also a brilliant musician, singer and performer of British folk-influenced music. “Wayne Rooney” is an original song from his debut 2008 album, “A Larum.”

Flynn as “Dylan,” awaiting a blood test result in Lovesickjohnnyflynn_lovesick