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Interview: Russell Brand

Keeping up with Russell Brand isn’t easy. He’s on the move as we speak, in the middle of publicising his new book, Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions, and at the start of a new 71-date stand-up tour, Re:Birth, that comes to Scotland next year. But he’s on the move literally too, in a car crossing London, before heading home to his wife, Laura Gallacher and one-year-old daughter Mabel in Henley-on-Thames and we’ve been talking about his friend Amy Winehouse. [ . . . ] More: Interview: Russell Brand

Russell Brand opens up about addiction in his new book Recovery

It is really hard not to like someone who is as open about their vulnerabilities as Russell Brand.–– ADVERTISEMENT ––At a recent talk to launch his latest book, within minutes the comedian and actor was sharing moving tales of his battle with addiction and low self esteem.Yes, underneath all that bluff, the tight-trousered motormouth admits he still faces a daily battle with his demons [ . . . ]

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