Prelude to the American Police State:  Trump’s Full Ohio Speech

“Our country is now a cesspool of crime,” Trump said in his AFPI speech, an obvious preview of a likely 2024 campaign. “We have blood, death and suffering on a scale once unthinkable because of the Democrat Party’s effort to destroy and dismantle law enforcement all throughout America.”

“Just two years ago with the help of many people in this room, we had a booming economic recovery like nobody’s seen before, the strongest and most secure border in US’s history, energy independence, and even energy dominance, historically low gas prices, as you know, no inflation, a fully rebuilt military and a country that was highly respected all over the world by other leaders, by other countries, highly respected.

Very simply, we had made America great again. We made it great again, and we did it by putting workers first, by putting families first and above all, by putting America first. But now our country has been brought to its knees, literally brought to its knees. And who would’ve thought this could happen. Inflation is the highest in 49 years, 9.1% and a lot of people think it’s much higher than that.

Gas prices have reached the highest in the history of our country. We have become a beggar nation groveling to other countries for energy. Millions of illegal aliens are stampeding across our wide open borders, pouring into our country. It’s an invasion. Democrat run cities are setting all time murder records. Our country is being dealt one historic humiliation after another on the world stage.

And at home, our most basic rights and liberties are totally under siege. The American dream is being torn to shreds and we will not have a country left if this economic, social and attack on civilization itself is not quickly reversed. Newt Gingrich, friend of mine who is in our audience told me this morning that our country has not been this week in terms of prestige and relative economics and respect since the civil war.

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